Best Applejack Hoodie You Can Buy Right Now!

Best Apple Jack HoodiesIf you are a My Little Pony Applejack fan, then chances are you will probably need to have a cute hoodie in your life. While there are not many different styles available, then ones you can buy look pretty amazing and it might be hard to just get one.

Below we take a look and rank the best Applejack Hoodies that you can buy right now!

The Best Applejack Hoodie

Applejack Hoodie

Any little girl who gets this hoodie is going to love love love it! This is a super-stylish hoodie and is perfect for that Applejack fan. You get Applejack’s big bright fact on the center on the hoodie and a cool little mane on the top. It is not only cute, but also a pretty awesome attention starter.

Pros: Cute and super stylish. Perfect for that Applejack fan!

Cons: More expensive than some of the other hoodies in the list, but definitely worth it.

[asa] B07439LGM6[/asa]

Applejack Face Logo Hoodie

While not as impressive as the Applejack hoodie above, this one is still a go, if you are looking for something that is still cute, but not over the top. This hoodie features an image of Applejack in the center and it also has a “mane” and “tail”, which gives it some character for the My Little Pony fan who will be wearing.

Pros: Is everything that an Applejack fan is looking for.

Cons: Not the best looking out of the set. Limited sizes

[asa] B01DO981CC[/asa]


This hoodie features Applejack’s eyes and nose front and center on the hoodie. This is a statement piece and with the funky mane on the top, this is something My Little Pony and Applejack fans will love.

Pros: Cute and stylish.

Cons: Limited sizes.

[asa] B008PGR5O0[/asa]

About Applejack!

My Little Pony Applejack is a female earth pony. She works and lives in Sweet Apple Acres with her brother Big McIntosh, younger sister Apple Bloom and her grandma, Granny Smith. The element that Applejack represents is honesty.

Jeremy Dixon

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