Best Way to Destroy a Credit Card

Destroy Credit Card

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“Whoa!!!!! That 70 inch TV would look great in the living room and imagine watching football on it on Sundays!” SWIPE. “Honey, how about taking a week off work and head to Jamaica for some sun and relaxation” SWIPE. “I see this nice watch that I just have to get” SWIPE.

Does that scenario sound a bit familiar? We sometimes spend money that we do not have, thanks to that magical plastic item called a credit card. Having available credit can lead to some bad financial decisions, just because it is out of site and out of mind.

Well some people wise up and they realize that a credit card can be more trouble than it is worth. One way that some people take control of their financial problems is destroying their credit cards. Below I will highlight a couple surefire ways to destroy those pesky cards for good. This will also work for those expired or old cards that you have lying around the house.

Cut it Up

Cut up Your Credit CardsTaking scissors and cutting up a credit card is definitely one of the most popular and widely used methods to destroy a card. It is easy to do, does not take much thought and the card can be rendered useless in no time.

All you need is a sharp scissors and the credit card you want to destroy. The next step is to start cutting, paying attention to the numbers on the card. You want to cut in such a way that you slice up all the numbers. Once this is done, separate the pieces so that no unscrupulous person can spend the time to put the card together. My advice is to dispose of the card pieces in separate garbage bags and in different places. It might be a bit on the paranoid side, but anything is possible, especially with identity/credit card theft at an all time high.

Shred It

Shred the Credit Card

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If you have a good shredder, then you could throw the credit card in there and shred it oblivion. A really good credit card will cross shred and basically make it difficult for anyone to piece the card back together. However! If you do not want to take any risks or you are super paranoid, then I would advise that you get rid of the remains separately. You would take some and flush them down the toilet. You could put some in the garbage. You could bag some in other bags and dispose of them in various other garbage bins either at the mall, work, gym, etc.

Let It Burn


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A great way to destroy your credit card is by lighting it on fire. If done properly, there will be nothing left of the card and there will be no worries about it falling into the wrong hands.

When you are doing anything that has to do with fire, you have to be extremely careful. Please ensure that it is done in a safe place and that you have some water or a fire extinguisher nearby, in case things get out of control.

There are many ways to burn up your card, to ensure that it is no longer around and useable. You could take it and throw it in a furnace or incinerator. If you do it this way, you need make sure that there are no more traces of the card left. You could also put it somewhere safe, throw some lighter fluid and light it. It will melt away very quickly and the remains would be charred pieces of plastic. You could also create a little bonfire and throw the card in there. Once again, please check to see if the card burned properly.

A Bit Excessive But Sandpaper It

Ok, this is a bit on the excessive side, but you could get creative like the guy in the video and spend the time sandpapering the card. It is a process that is going to require you to work, but the credit card will be totally destroyed.

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