The 5 Best Ways to Make a Paper Airplane

The 5 Best Ways to Make a Paper Airplane

Image Credit: roebot w/CC License

There was nothing better as a kid than making a paper plane and have it take to the airways. You would spend hours mesmerized by the fact that you made something that could actually fly. After you got over it, the next process was either to make it fly as long as possible or as fast as a dart. Whatever the end result was, at the end of the day, flying paper planes was tons of fun.

Instead of telling you how I made my own paper airplane, I will show you 5 awesome videos that you can follow to make your own.

Those videos are all pretty cool. If you are interested in more information or want to make some other styles, check out They have some really cool designs and a ton of styles that you can try out.

Jeremy Dixon

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