The Best Minion Backpacks


If your child is a HUGE fan of Despicable Me, then I can guarantee that they absolutely love those little cute, crazy and wild Minions. Minions have really made a big impact and their popularity is proof that they are a kids favorite.

So I am pretty sure that you ended up here, because you are looking to get a Minion backpack and probably wondering what options are available. There are really tons to choose from, but I went through and highlighted some of the best and most popular backpacks available now

Despicable Me “Jerry” 13″ Plush Children’s Backpack


Talk about Minion love right here. This plush backpack is not only “super” cool, but it is also pretty functional as well. Your kid gets to walk around with his/her favorite character on the back, can take it off and play around with it if they like and also carry just about everything that they need.

Despicable Me 2 Large 16″ Backpack Gru’s Minions


This is a large 16” backpack is perfect for carrying about books, school supplies, going on trips or whatever other use you can think of. The design is also right in your face and it is really a great option for a big Minion fan.

Despicable Me2 “Assemble the Minions!” 16 Inch Backpack


Talk about Minion love with this backpack. You get a bag that is chockfull of these cute and adorable characters. It is also pretty functional, with multiple pockets and compartments, perfect for school.

Big Glasses Backpack


Nothing but big eyes looking at two is what you get with this really well designed bag. The big glasses backpack looks really good, but it is also very functional as well. Everything that is typically carried to school can fit in the back with ease. You get great functionality, as well as a cool design.

Despicable Me Purple Evil Tim Plush Backpack


The purple minions never get any love, but they are well represented with this awesome plush backpack. When anyone sees this bag, the first thing they’re going to ask is “wow, where did you get that?” It has a really great design and also perfect to carry books, stationery, school supplies and more.

Despicable Me 2 Backpack


Another large 16″ bag that is perfect for school. The bag features a very large minion face at the back, along with a multitude of pockets, perfect for storage of just about anything. It is very comfortable and also stylish.

Hey Hey Minion Backpack


Any kid who gets this bag is absolutely going to go wild. The big feature is that you can press a button on the bag and here the minions talk; how cool is that? If your child is a big fan, then this is a must-have.

Minions Anti Villain League 10″ Backpack


This is the smallest bag of the lot as it is only 10″, but it is still a pretty cool option. Great backpack for a toddler to carry their toys around in or just about anything else. It also has a pretty nice design that they will like.

Rulercosplay Children School Bag


Now this is pretty neat and something that your child absolutely adore. What you have, is essentially a mini minion in this adorable backpack. Looks aside, it is also very functional with many different pockets, adjustable straps and more. This backpack would definitely be a sure fire hit with any little one.

Talk to the Banana Backpack2-minion-backpack

This large 16 inch backpack is not only sturdy and has a wide variety of compartments, but it also has a pretty cool design with both purple and yellow minions. This is a definite standout and certainly something any Despicable Me fan would love.

Jeremy Dixon

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