The Best Way to Sharpen Crayons

Best Way to Sharpen Crayons

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It鈥檚 been years since I have had the joy of playing, drawing and defacing the place with crayons. Writing this post actually brought a smile to my face, as those were some really amazing years聽馃檪

So the big question that I am pretty certain that many of you want to know; how do you sharpen a crayon? I remember how annoying it was drawing with dull crayons; they just weren鈥檛 the same as the fresh, sharp pointed ones. It really is a nightmare for kids, but fret not; I will provide four simple options that you can use to get everything nice and pointed again.


The sharpener is definitely the best way to get crayons back to having that nice point that kids absolutely love. You can usually check at the back of the box, as they often have an sharpener at the back. If there is none, you can use an electric or eyeliner sharpener. One thing is for certain, you are definitely going to get a very sharp tip with this method, this is why it is the number one option.

Knife or Vegetable Peeler

This option is definitely for the parents, as the ticket should not be playing with anything sharp.

What you鈥檙e going to do is take the knife or vegetable peeler and essentially shave the tip of the crayon down, until you get a sharp point. To really maximize your effort, it is a good idea to hold the crayon at an angle and do not press down too hard, as you do not want to break off the tip or cut off much.

Dip in Hot Water

A pretty cool option, is to dip the crayons in hot water. You can hold them in for a couple of seconds, just enough to make them very soft, where you can now shape the tip to the sharpness that you like.

Heat in the Oven

Somewhat similar to dipping in the hot water, you can place crayons in and of fun and keep them up to the point where they are malleable. You do not want to set the stove to high, something around 250掳F is good. From there, you can place them on the baking sheet and just reheat for a couple of minutes, until they get to a point where you can shape the tip just the way you like it.


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