Can You Freeze Cream Cheese? Let Us Show You How!

Can You Freeze Cream Cheese
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Can you freeze cream cheese? This is actually a pretty good question and I know many of you who are reading this would definitely want to know if it is possible.

It is possible to freeze cream cheese, however you should be aware that when you defrost it, it is not going to have the same texture as when you first put it in.

What Happens When Your Freeze It?

So you got an insane amount of cream cheese on sale or you have excess left over from whatever recipe that you were doing. If you have too much to use at the given moment, freeze in would obviously seem like the best option. Freezing is pretty good, because you can store it for an extended period of time and use it when you want. The problem with cream cheese is that it does not freeze very well. The creamy texture that you are used to would be non-existent once you take it out of the freezer and defrost it. It is going to come out crumbly and definitely not the smooth spread that you are used to.

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So If I Freeze It, What Can I Do With It?

Because frozen cream cheese will come out crumbly when it defrosts, many people will often opt to use it in different types of dishes. It will not be a good choice to be used on your bagel, but the crumbly cream cheese can be used in a wide variety of dishes from cheesecakes, casseroles, soups and any other type of dishes that calls for this ingredient.

Freezing Steps:

  • If in original package, wrap tightly with plastic freezer wrap or aluminum foil.
  • Place in a heavy duty freezer bag.
  • Label the bag so you know what date it was placed in the freezer.
  • Cream cheese can be stored for up to two months in the freezer.

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If you want to thaw the frozen cream cheese, ideally it is a good idea to allow it to sit inside the refrigerator until it is fully defrosted. This will take some time. If you are in a rush or plan to use it right away, you could allow it to sit at room temperature. This will only take a couple of hours and then you could use it in whatever recipe that you plan on whipping up.

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