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Pink Adidas Gazelle

The Adidas Adidas Gazelle is classic sneaker in every sense of the word. The shoe looks amazing after being released all these years and if you are into fashion then…

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If you use limes or lime juice in a recipe or creating your finished product, you know how much of a kick that citrusy fruit gives. It gives a subtle…

Can You Freeze Papaya?

Papaya, cut it in two on a table

apaya is one of those fruits that people either love or hate, there really isn’t much middle ground. For those who enjoy eating this fruit, it is quite delicious and…

How to Thaw Ground Beef

Ground Beef Sitting in a Bowl

Looking to make some homemade burgers? Should be a quick and easy 1-2, the only problem is you have ground beef in the freezer and need to defrost it. No…