Does Pepsi Own Starbucks? (Or Do They Have a Partnership?)

Starbucks Frappucino” by Like_the_Grand_Canyon is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

The rumor that Pepsi owns Starbucks has been around for years. I’ve heard that claim made more times than I can count, and it’s always left me wondering, is there any truth to this?

My own curiosity led me do some research and figure out the relationship between Pepsi and Starbucks. In this article, I will present the facts and dispel any misconceptions about the two companies.

So, if you’re ready to see the relationship between the two, let’s get started!

Is Starbucks Owned by Pepsi?

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No, Pepsi does not own Starbucks. The two companies are not related in any way. They do compete in the beverage industry, with Pepsi dominating the carbonated soft drink (CSD) market, and Starbucks specializing in coffee-based products.

Pepsi and Starbucks have collaborated in the past and the next section will take a look at those partnerships.

What is the Starbucks & Pepsi Partnership?

In 1994, Starbucks and PepsiCo joined forces with the aim of combining Starbucks’ coffee expertise with PepsiCo’s extensive distribution network.

This collaboration, was eventually called the North American Coffee Partnership (NACP). The purpose was to create and market cold, ready-to-drink coffee products for grocery stores, convenience stores, and other outlets.

Starbucks and Pepsico Partnership
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During the summer of 1996, Starbucks Frappuccino made its debut in grocery stores. The bottled blend of ice, milk, and coffee, available in several flavors, quickly became a sensation and a hit among consumers.

In 2015, the NACP expanded their reach beyond North America, entering 10 Latin American markets: Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, and select Caribbean markets. The expansion allows the companies to bring Starbucks’ high-quality coffee to customers in a convenient, ready-to-drink format.

To get a better idea of the relationship between Pepsi and Starbucks throughout the years, let’s take a look at this infographic to see how their partnership has evolved.

Timeline of Pepsico's Partnership with Starbucks
Starbucks & Pepsi’s Partnership Through the Years: Infographic via Starbucks

What Drinks Does Pepsi Make for Starbucks? 

What Drinks Does Pepsi Make for Starbucks? 

Now that we’ve established that Starbucks is not owned by Pepsi, let us take a look at the different drinks that Pepsi makes for Starbucks. The current list of drinks includes the popular bottled Frappuccino, Doubleshot Espresso, Doubleshot Energy, and Starbucks Refreshers drinks.

These are available in a variety of flavors at grocery stores and convenience stores all around the world.

Type of Starbucks DrinkStarbucks Drink FlavorSize
FrappuccinoPlain9.5 fl oz, 13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoVanilla9.5 fl oz, 13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoMocha9.5 fl oz, 13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoMocha light9.5 fl oz
FrappuccinoAlmondmilk Mocha9.5 fl oz, 13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoAlmondmilk Vanilla13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoCaramel9.5 fl oz, 13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoCaramelized Vanilla Honey9.5 fl oz, 13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoBrown Butter Caramel with Splay of Cold Brew13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoSalted Dark Chocolate13.7 fl oz
FrappuccinoToasted White Chocolate13.7 fl oz
Blonde RoastUnsweetened Iced Coffee48 fl oz
Dark RoastUnsweetened Iced Coffee48 fl oz
Cold BrewBlack Sweet11 fl oz
Cold BrewBlack Unsweet11 fl oz
Cold BrewCocoa & Honey with Cream11 fl oz
Cold BrewNitro Chilled11 fl oz
Iced Espresso ClassicsAlmondmink Caffee Latte40 fl oz
Iced Espresso ClassicsAlmondmilk Caffee Mocha40 fl oz
Iced Espresso ClassicsCaramel Macchiato40 fl oz
Iced Espresso ClassicsMolten Chocolate Latte40 fl oz
Iced LatteCaffe Latte14 fl oz
Iced LatteCaramel Macchiato14 fl oz
Iced LatteMolten Chocolate Latte14 fl oz
Iced LatteSalted Caramel Mocha14 fl oz
Iced LatteSmoked Butterscotch Latte14 fl oz
Medium RoastSubtly Sweet Iced Coffee48 fl oz
Medium RoastUnsweetened Iced Coffee48 fl oz
Doubleshot EnergyCoffee15 fl oz
Doubleshot EnergyHazelnut15 fl oz
Doubleshot EnergyMocha15 fl oz
Doubleshot EnergyVanilla15 fl oz
Doubleshot EnergyWhite Chocolate15 fl oz
Tripleshot EnergyCaffe Mocha16 fl oz
Tripleshot EnergyCaramel17 fl oz
Tripleshot EnergyDark Chocolate18 fl oz
Tripleshot EnergyDark Roast19 fl oz

Wrapping it Up:

It’s clear that despite the popular misconception, Pepsi does not own Starbucks.

However, their partnership has proven to be a successful, as over the past 25+ years, the NACP has grown to generate over $2 billion in retail sales.

Starbucks has also solidified its position as the leader in the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee category, holding an impressive 82% share.

This partnership is a prime example of how two companies can join forces and achieve great success in the marketplace.

If you found this article informative, you may be interested in exploring other articles about Pepsi and what they own and do not own.

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