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Comedian Tina Fey once said “The same ten minutes that magazines urge me to use for sit-ups and triceps dips, I used for sobbing. The pain and agony of getting into an exercise regimen is oh so real, unless you find something fun to do like Jazzercise.

If you landed on this page, you are probably looking at recommendations for Jazzercise shoes. Well guess what, you are in luck! I know how important it is to having the right footwear for a class such as this, as well as how annoying trying to figure out what footwear to get, especially when you have no idea what features you are looking for.

Below I break down the 10 best Jazzercise shoes for 2019, so take a quick look, as I am pretty sure you will be able to find something you will absolutely love.

Ryka Influence: $80


These are excellent shoes for Jazzercise and if you look at the reviews, you will see so many high ratings for it. Why the Influence is so good is that it is extremely comfortable and has great support. These are 2 important features to look for, especially when you will be dancing and on your feet for an hour or so. The pricing is also great, especially for what you are getting.

Nike Air Max Bella 2: From $80


The Nike Air Max Bell 2’s are so super-cute, but boy o boy are they good. These are minimalist footwear and the freedom your feet will have in them will make them worth it. You will have outstanding freedom to move, making it easier to pull off your Jazzercise moves. It has enough padding to make them really comfortable to dance in and best of all they are super stylish.

Reebok Studio Choice Mid & Low: $74 Up


The Reebok Studio choice collection is definitely a good option to consider when looking for Jazzercise shoes. They are designed for high impact classes and will feel great on the feet, as well as having really good support. They are also pretty durable and will not fall apart after a couple of uses.

ASICS Rhythmic 2: $65

asics-rhythmic-2This sneaker is designed specifically for dance and this works great for any aerobics class you are doing. There is minimal traction on the outsole, as well a strategically placed pivot point, which makes dancing that much easier. The Rhythmic 2 also is pretty lightweight and not clunky. You won’’t feel like you are dancing with cement blocks on your feet.

Nike Free TR Fit 4: $100


While the Nike TR Fit 4 is a pretty stylish sneaker, it is also a really good shoe to dance aerobics in. It has all the selling points, from being super comfortable, stable, supportive and best of all flexible. You should have no problem dancing in these shoes and they also look really good on the feet.

Bloch Boost DRT: $66


Do not let the looks of this dance sneaker fool you, Bloch is actually one of the most highly recommended and rated dance sneakers out there forclasses like Jazzercise. It was extremely comfortable, supportive and best of all flexible. If instructors give it 2 thumbs up, it is worth checking out.

What Features Make a Sneaker Good to Dance In?

When it comes to dance aerobics classes, you can basically wear any athletic sneaker, once you are comfortable dancing in it. However, if you really want to get the best performance, as well as support and comfort, then it is a good idea to go with a sneaker that is designed specifically for dance. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is to move around in these types of shoes.

So what to look for when choosing Jazzercise shoes?

Look for Something Comfortable – In your fitness class, you are going to be doing a lot of dancing and as such, you’re going to want a sneaker that is extremely comfortable. Think about it. Something that doesn’t fit right on the feet, will cause you a lot of pain after that one hour of dancing. That doesn’t sound too appealing doesn’t it? A comfortable shoe is one that fits properly on the feet, doesn’t hurt when you move around in it and has exceptional cushioning. If anything else, comfort should be the most important thing you are looking for.

Flexibility is a must – One of the things that I absolutely love about Jazzercise, is that you’re getting such a good workout just by doing something fun, dancing. Because the feet are going to be flexing in so many different directions, you are going to want to get a shoe that will be able to conform to the movements. This not only makes it more comfortable to dancing, but you also reduce the risk of injury and pain to your feet. When looking for a sneaker, try and go with something that is very flexible and not rigid.

The Lighter the Better –There or some pretty heavy athletic shoes out there and those are what you want to stay away from when choosing a sneaker for your class. Think about it, if you are trying to dance with cement blocks on your feet, you will not just tire your feet out, but it would also make your whole dance experience very exhausting and uncomfortable. Luckily, modern athletic trainers are designed to be as lightweight as possible and you should easily find something that is ideal for the class.

Make Sure it Has Support – When you are dancing, your feet are going to be doing just about everything. Moving from left to right, twisting, turning, jumping, hopping and just about anything else you can think about. Because they’re so many varied movements, it is important to get a sneaker that delivers excellent support. You really want your feet locked in properly to the shoe as this will help to reduce the possibility of injury and also allow you to move around with ease. Once again, modern sneakers are designed to deliver the right amount of support for classes like these. If you choose one from the list above, you should have no problem with any of your choices.

What Are the Best Shoes for Jazzercise?

I take a more detailed look at the type of shoes you should consider for dance. But to give a quick overview, two types of footwear that works as Jazzercise shoes are dance sneakers or cross trainers.

Do not wear running sneakers to class. I know I said you can wear whatever you want, but running shoes are a bad idea to dance in. These shoes have way too much traction and this not only makes it difficult to move around in, but you also greatly increase your chances of injury.

Any Special Brands to Look Out For?

If you take a look in the Jazzercise class, you will see that people are wearing just about anything to dance in. You’ll find some people in Nike’s, Reebok’s, Adidas, Puma’s and Ryka’s. Any of the top brands are an ideal choice for this dance aerobics class.

Nike – Nike has an amazing reputation for creating some of the highest quality athletic sneakers in the world. They have shoes for just about every kind of activity and their workmanship and performance is like no other. As you can see above, we have recommended a couple Nike shoes for Jazzercise. They’re all excellent choices and you really cannot go wrong with them.

Ryka Why we like Ryka is the fact that they are a shoe company created by women that also makes shoes specifically for women. They have a lot of different options available that are able to deliver the comfort, performance and support that for a dance aerobics class like Jazzercise. We love Ryka’s as trainers for dance and it is a good solid brand that you will not be disappointed in.

Asics Asics shoes are pretty good, as they have been around for a while and they make really good athletic footwear. As it relates to dance, there are a ton of good options available that are not only stylish, but also deliver everything that you need for your dance fitness class.

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