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How many times have you bought shoes to run, walk or casually wear town and they turned out to be an absolute disaster. Not only do your feet hurt, but it can also be a blow to your pocket, as some of these shoes are downright unwearable.

For those of you who are looking for some really good shoes for Jazzercise, you must be very picky with whatever footwear option you choose. The reason for this is that you are going to be doing a ton of dancing and you will want shoes that offers good performance and is pretty comfortable to move around in.

Below I am going to highlight Asics Jazzercise shoes available and give a brief synopsis as to why these should be at the top of the list, especially if you care about performance.


ASICS Rhythmic 2: $65

ASICS Rhythmic 2If you want something fun to dance in, then the Rhythmic 2 should be on your radar. This is designed specifically for dance aerobics classes and you will find that it is pretty lightweight and easy to move around in. One feature that’s pretty helpful is that the sneaker has a pivot point on the outsole. This makes it easier to move around and pull off  various twists, turns and spins with ease.

Asics Gel Flashpoint: $89 Up

Asics Gel FlashpointWhoa!!! If you want to make a big impression with your feet, in a good way, then the Gel Flashpoint is some really expressive footwear. These are absolutely stylish and different from the other footwear outwear, but they look pretty good on the feet and you will definitely be getting some looks and questions. Style aside, these sneakers are excellent options for Jazzercise. They are not only lightweight and comfortable, but they also feature excellent lateral support and are a joy to workout in. Women love them for a reason and I am pretty sure you will love this purchase.

Asics Gel 180 TR: $80

Asics Gel 180When you are dancing around, you are going to want the shoe that delivers the best comfort. While not designed specifically  or dance, the Gel 180 is a pretty good fitness shoe that is multi-purpose. You will have no problems moving around in them and the lateral support that it has is exceptional.  You can also use them to walk, run, workout in the gym or even wear them about casually. The pricing is also pretty good and that is something you can’t beat.

Asics Gel Harmony

Asics Gel HarmonyIf you want a multi-purpose sneaker that is light, comfortable, supportive and looks good, then the Gel Harmony is one shoe to have. While it is essentially a cross-trainer, you find that many people opt to dance in them and boy are they happy. It is not too bulky on the feet and the performance it delivers is like nothing else out there. This is definitely a good buy, especially if you want something that you can wear outside of your aerobics class.

Asics Gel Sustain

Asics Gel SustainWhen you are wearing doing a lot of moving around or dancing, you always have to be conscious of sneakers that will not have too much traction, as you want to be able to move with ease. The Gel Sustain is a shoe that does not have excessive grip  and it is a real joy to dance in. Like other Asics footwear, this is well designed and it will be able to deliver the support, comfort, flexibility that you need in sneakers for dance and it is also really lightweight.

Why Asics

When it comes to shoes for Jazzercise class, there are so many different options to choose. If you take a look in any dance fitness class, you are going to see people wearing regular athletic sneakers, to name brands such as Ryka or Nike. So why do I recommend Asics as Jazzercise sneakers?

As one of the better shoes for dance aerobics, there are a host of reasons why this shoe comes so highly recommended. You can expect footwear that is of high quality, has a great history, performs really well and they look really cool on the feet. J

High Quality– Any sneaker that you get from Asics is going to be manufactured with the best materials around. All of this is extremely important, as the material is part of the reason why the shoe performs so well.

History – One thing that Asics is known for is having an excellent reputation for making some of the highest quality athletic footwear around. Over the years they have improved and make changes to ensure that their shoes are the best that athletes can get. If you take a look at any athletic discipline and ask experts which sneakers they recommend, you can be sure that Asics is going to be on that list.

Performance – There is a lot of testing and research that goes into the creation of an Asiscs sneaker. These shoes will be able to deliver everything you need for your dance aerobics class, from being comfy, easy to move around in, flexible and very light on the feet.

Looks – Back in the day I have to admit it, ASICS sneakers were not the best looking shoes by any stretch of the imagination. They were solid sneakers, designed to be perfect for athletic activities, but design wise, they were lacking. Fast-forward the few years and I am pretty surprised at how stylish these shoes have become. There are tons of different colorways, that go perfectly with the right gym attire and you can definitely tell that they spent a lot of time ensuring that their shoes look good. If you love style, then this is one brand you should give a try.

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