Best Nike Jazzercise Shoes

Nike Dance Shoes
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When you see the Nike Swoosh, there are a variety of emotions that are evoked. You know that Swoosh means high quality footwear that is outstanding in the field of performance.

If you are looking for some really good footwear to dance in, below I am going to highlight Nike Jazzercise shoes that are great to dance in. While there are a lot to choose from, everyone offers something different from styling, performance and price.

Nike Free 5.0 V4

Nike Free 5.0 V4What you are going to love about this sneaker is that it is able to deliver the benefits of barefoot training, without sacrificing padding and traction. The Free 5.0 V4 delivers as its Free technology almost feels as if you are not wearing a shoe. It is a super flexible, lightweight and yet, comfortable and easy to move around in. If you want a really good Jazzercise shoe to move around in, then give these a go.

Expect to spend  $75 or more to get a pair 

Nike Studio Wrap

Nike Studio Wrap

You like the look of them don’t you? Well that’s the first thing that usually grabs people, but then they want to know if these really work and are good to dance in. Well if you know, dancing barefoot is basically the best thing to do, but with the Nike Studio Wrap, your feet get that freedom, as well as added protection and padding.

You can own the Studio Wrap from $40 and up

Nike Free TR Fit 4

Nike TR Fit 4These are designed for fitness classes such as gym workouts or dance aerobics. With the Free TR Fit 4, you are getting a shoe that is extremely lightweight, it almost feels as if you have nothing on. Dancing will be fun in these shoes as they are not bulky and they also deliver excellent support and stability. This is by far one of the best Nike Jazzercise shoes available.

You can purchase the TR Fit 4 here

Nike Free Bionic

Nike Free BionicThe Free Bionic is an excellent shoe that is designed for fitness. Moving around in them is a joy and the use of Free technology means the feet are not restricted due to the flexibility of the sneaker and you will benefit from natural motion. There is not too much grip, which means you will be able to twist, turn, jump and spin in your class with ease.

Great value for your money. Get it starting at $75

Nike Air Max Fit

Nike Air Max FitThis is a shoe that is designed for fitness, so it is such a great choice for Jazzercise class. You will have no issues dancing around in these sneakers, as the Air Max system delivers outstanding cushioning, as well as comfort. Like other Nike shoes, it is extremely lightweight and the support is excellent, especially for dancers. The outsole gives you the necessary traction, but not too much where you will not be able to pull off your given dance moves.

You can get your hands on the Nike Air Max Fit for $85

Why Nike?

If you take a look at this article, you will see that I recommend a wide variety of brands as great choices for Jazzercise. There are quite a few Nike sneakers on that list and some of the reasons why I put them on the list were due to the fact that these trainers have excellent performance, are comfortable, easy to dance around in and are extremely stylish.

Performance – You are going to be doing a lot of dancing and as such, you are going to need shoes that will be able to deliver exceptional performance. You will find that a lot of Nike sneakers are designed to enhance the way you move. Shoes from this brand will often be very lightweight, not have too much traction and extremely flexible. All of those are important features, especially when it comes to dancing.

Comfort – One of the things that people who wear Nike’s love about them is the fact that they are so comfortable. You are guaranteed to know that the feet are always cushioned and there is a level of comfort, which is very important, especially with all the dancing that you will be doing.

Easy to Dance In – Any shoe on the list above will make an excellent choice for Jazzercise. You really should have no problems dancing in them and pulling off whatever moves you want will be so easy.

Style – How stylish a sneaker is not the most important thing when you are looking for shoes to dance in, but if you care about style and looking good, then you are definitely going to want to have something that looks fashionable on your feet. The great thing about Nike, is that they create some of the best looking and eye-catching footwear around. These shoes are well designed and the many different colorways that are available in whatever sneaker style is truly astounding. If stylish shoes are your thing, then you know Nike will come out on top.

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