What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear to Jazzercise

Best Shoes to Wear to Jazzercise
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If you are going to dance studio or gym to take a Jazzercise class, you must be wondering what kind of shoes you need to wear.

You can basically wear any type of athletic sneaker to class, once it is comfortable to dance in. However, if you want better performance, then you should consider dance aerobic or cross training sneakers. You should also note that running sneakers are not recommended.

Dance/ Dance Aerobic Shoes

If you really want excellent performance, then you should go with a sneaker that is designed specifically for dance or dance aerobics classes. These shoes are typically lightweight, comfortable, extremely flexible and have excellent support. These are all features that you are going to need when doing Jazzercise and many people who wear it these types of shoes, find it easier to dance around and pull off the different moves without any problems.

Another great thing about these dance/dance aerobics sneakers, is that they are designed to not have a lot of traction. So you’ll be able to slide around them with ease. Since a lot of these shoes are designed specifically for dance, many of them will have a pivot/turning point on the sole of the shoe. This particular feature enables individuals to the turn or twist with ease.

So, if you’re going to choose a really good Jazzercise shoes, then put dance aerobics sneakers at the top of your list.

Cross Trainers

Cross trainers are really good shoes for Jazzercise. Cross trainers are not designed for any specific activity, but they are multifunctional. You will find that people wear them to run in, walk, workout at the gym and dance. What makes them really good options for Jazzercise, is the fact that they have all the necessary features, from being very lightweight, comfortable and flexible. Many have really good support and there isn’t too much traction on the bottom. If you get yourself a pair of cross trainers, you will be able to move and dance around in these shoes with no problems.

Another benefit in getting this type of shoe, is that they are multipurpose and you can use them for other activities. You are not locked into is having “dance sneakers” that serve no purpose outside of a Jazzercise class.

Nike, Ryka and Asics make exceptional cross trainers and you will find a lot of people in the Jazzercise class wearing this brand.

Running Shoes are a No No

I have a whole article explaining why running shoes are a bad idea for Jazzercise. In short, these shoes are designed to have excessive grip to aid with runners love slipping all over the place with slipping. This is counterproductive for Jazzercise, as you need less traction to move around with ease. Stay far away from running sneakers, especially if you want to have no problems dancing and also not injure yourself in the process.

What about Everything Else?

You do not specifically have to Jazzercise in dance sneakers or cross trainers. If you have a nice pair of athletic shoes that are very comfortable, not too heavy, has great cushioning and not rated, then you can definitely wear them to the class. It really boils down to how your feet feel in the shoe and if you are able to dance in them. If you have no problems wearing them, then they should be no problems in the class. It really boils down to what your feet like and hope comfortable they are when dancing.


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