Does Crumbl Use Betty Crocker Mix? (The Controversial Truth)

Does Crumbl Use Betty Crocker Mix?

Does Crumbl use Betty Crocker cake mix? This is the question on the mind of many customers after a viral TikTok video surfaced, showing boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix on a workstation in a Crumbl store.

The video has sparked a lot of controversy, with customers enraged and accusing the chain of using pre-mixed ingredients instead of their own in-house recipe.

Being Stans of Crumbl cookies, we couldn’t help but dive into this debate and get to the bottom of it.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at where the rumor started, customer reactions and see if there were any official statements from Crumbl. We’ll also include a section on a YouTube video where a user conducts a taste test of Crumbl cookies against cookies made using Betty Crocker Mix.

 Join us as we dive deep into this controversial topic and separate fact from fiction.

The Crumbl Cookies & Betty Crocker Controversy: How it Started?

How did the Crumbl & Betty Crocker Controversy Start

“So you’re telling me Crumbl uses Betty Crocker cake mix,” this is the text at the start of a TikTok video posted by Dallas-based TikToker Ashleigh (@ashleighntobin).

The video, which has been viewed over 8.4 million times, showed several boxes of Betty Crocker mix on the counter of a Crumbl Cookies workstation.

TikTok users were very angry and instantly began to wonder if Crumbl cookies actually used their own homemade recipe or if the cookies were made with Betty Crocker mixes.

Social Media Reacts to the Crumbl Using Betty Crocker Mix

Of course, TikTok and other social media platforms were on fire with reactions to the Crumbl/Betty Crocker controversy.

A quick look at the TikTok comments saw users expressing their disappointment and frustration with the chain, with some even calling for a boycott of the cookies.

Some we’re peeved at the fact that they paid so much for their Crumbl cookies and it was cheap Betty Crocker mix that was used to make them.

Crumbl’s Response to the Controversy

Crumbl's Response to the Controversy
Photo by James Trenda on Unsplash

I could not find an actual quote from Crumbl, but they reached out to Daily Dot on the Betty Crocker controversy.

A Crumbl spokesperson stated that “As is consistent with other brands in the food & beverage industry, we use a variety of ingredients — including cake mixes from time to time — to enhance the flavor and texture of our cookies,” the spokesperson went on to say. “We are proud of the ingredients we use in our cookies enough to have the entire mixing process visible to all customers as we bake-up the best cookies in the world fresh at each Crumbl location.”

The statement from Crumbl highlights their transparency and commitment to delivering the best tasting cookies. While fans may not agree with using pre-mixed ingredients, Crumbl emphasizes the importance of using a combination of ingredients to make their amazing cookies.

Crumbl Cookies With Betty Crocker Mix: A YouTube Experiment

YouTuber Raphael Gomes shared a video where he did a test the taste of Crumbl cookies against cookies made using Betty Crocker Mix.

The video, which is 45 minutes long, provides a detailed comparison of the cookies and gives viewers a chance to see for themselves the differences between the two.

If you have the time, check it out and make your own conclusions about the quality of Crumbl’s cookies and their use of pre-mixes.

Before You Go

The controversy over Crumbl Cookies using Betty Crocker cake mix has sparked heated discussions among customers. However, Crumbl’s transparent response to the situation showcases their dedication to delivering the tastiest cookies possible.

 The final verdict is left up to you.

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