Best Camouflage Diaper Bags

Best Camouflage Diaper Bags

It’s a joy for a dad to take care of their newborn baby. There are so many new and interesting things to learn and for this major responsibility, daddies will take the job seriously. One big duty that comes about is ensuring that everything the baby needs is all together when they take a trip out of the house. Many men enjoy taking care of their baby, but the one thing that really sucks for men is being seen carrying a baby bag that doesn’t look too “manly”. Well one way to increase the machismo level by getting something dad would absolutely have no problems carrying that would be a camouflage diaper bag. There are many options to choose from, but below I will look at the 5 best available.

Diaper Dude  – Camouflage

Diaper Dude Camouflage Diaper BagDiaper dude bags are extremely popular amongst dads, simply because they were able to fill the niche of delivering bags that were manly. One of their biggest selling bags is the camouflage styled ones. These were capable of giving the daddies that rugged look that they wanted to have, as they carried the gentle products for their babies.

The Camouflage Diaper Dude is something dads will all want to carry. It has a messenger style that is very sturdy and comfortable to carry around. There are pockets to hold everything from food, wipes, bottles and so much more. The main pocket can safely hold diapers, as well as clothes, toys or whatever else the child needs.

Baby Sherpa  – Camouflage


The Baby Sherpa is another popular option for dads out there. This one is not like your traditional baby bag, as it looks like a military backpack. This is exactly what they were aiming for. They wanted a bag that looked hardcore, but was capable of carrying everything that the baby needs. The company did a really good job, as the popularity is the proof in the pudding.

The Baby Sherpa Camouflage bag has a variety of pockets that can hold everything from water, bottles, diapers and anything else you can think of. There is a built in cooler that is also inside the bag that will help to insulate your cold beverages. The bag also features pockets, where you can carry a video camera or a breast pump. It is also very stylish and offers something different to the sometimes self-conscious daddies.

Diaper Dude Messenger II


Diaper Dude is back on the list as they also have the Messenger II Camouflage bag available. This has a more messenger bag feel to it, yet it still looks great and the camouflage on it really stands out.

The bag is essentially the same design as the one we spoke about above, except its styling is different. It has ample space to hold everything from diapers, bottles, clothing, breast pumps and so much more. Whatever you think you can carry for the baby, it can be stored comfortably in this bag.

Dadgear Backpack Camouflage


I am a big fan of camouflage backpack diaper bags. They are more versatile and still capable of doing the same thing as the regular bags. With the Dadgear Backpack bag, you are getting a product that will deliver all the storage space that you need, as well as giving you that rugged, military backpack style.

This bag has a ton of features. There is a section for quick access to wipes, as well as special compartment to keep diapers. There are many different pockets available and more than enough space to carry everything you need for the baby. There are 2 bottle pockets, as well as straps to attach it to a stroller. It also comes with a changing pad.

Lillian Rose Military Bag

Lillian Rose Military Diaper Bag

Let’s face it; a lot of men do not like to carry around diaper bags, simply because they perceive it as being feminine. There is a lot of testosterone pumping and a guy wants to feel like a man at all times. Luckily, the Lillian Rose Military bag is capable of giving the man that feeling, as this bag is as manly as it gets.

This is a nice bag for dad to have, as it is full of room and is able to hold everything that their baby needs. It has a very nice design to it and the camouflage really gives it some extra style. The cool thing about this bag is that it has a logo that states “DADDY, Always Ready, Always There.” There is also another logo to the top of the bag that says “FATHER’S CREED: I am a father. I have answered my child’s call. I will not quit. I will not fail.”

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