How Many Slices of Pizza Are in a 14-Inch Pizza?

A 14 inch pizza in most restaurants is a large pizza. A large pizza almost always gets cut into 8 slices, but many restaurants will accommodate the customer and serve it how you want it to be served.

Since technically, pizzas can be cut in a variety of ways, it is possible to get way more than 8 slices from a 14 inch pizza, especially if it is a rectangular or square pizza.

For a home-made pizza, you can definitely maximize your slices and get way more than 8 – especially if you are feeding small children, by cutting in squares instead of triangles.

While customers can make special requests about how they want their pizzas to be cut, there are work-a-rounds to maximize your pizza. For instance, you can easily split each slice in a store bought 14 inch pizza to increase your eight slices to 16 smaller cuts.

Pizza is a great option for feeding groups and many people struggle with determining how many slices are in each pizza and how many will feed their gathering. But, there’s an easy fix for all of this. To assist customers with successful meal planning, several customers have created Pizza Calculators. Pizza calculators typically allow you to enter the number of people in your group, and the application or software will instantly calculate the recommended pizza order for you.

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