Does 7-11 Give Cash Back?

Does 7-11 Give Cash Back?
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Does 7-11 Give Cash Back at the Register?

There is no straightforward yes or no answer when it comes to getting cash back from 7-11.

It all comes down to the individual store, as there is no company policy that covers this type of transaction.

What are the Requirements for Cash Back from 7-11?

As there is no company-wide policy when it comes to 7-11 cash back, the requirements are dependent on the store you visit.

Generally, to be eligible to get cash back, you will have to purchase something in the store using your debit card.

This does not work if you are paying with a credit card, only a debit card.

The amount you need to spend to possibly get cash back from 7-11 is once again dependent on the individual store you plan on purchasing from.

7-11 Cash Back Limit

Since no cash back policies exist for 7-11, we decided to make a couple calls to see what stores around us had to say on this matter.

We got mixed responses for some of the 7-11’s that we called in the Los Angeles area. Some stated we could get money-back, while others flat out said no.

For those who did say yes, the general consensus was we could get as low as $1 up to $10.

  • Minimum: $1
  • Maximum: $10

Each store is different, so it is best to call ahead or ask the cashier at the 7-11 that you are planning on visiting to see if they allow cash back and how much can you get.

7-11’s and ATM’s

Depending on the 7-11 that you visit, some may have ATM’s. If you are in a bind and desperately need cash, you will be able to withdraw the money.

Wrapping it up

There is no guarantee that 7-11 stores allow cash back.

With no company-wide policy in place, this is at the discretion of each individual store.

For the 7-11’s that do allow this, the most you can get at any one time is $10.

If you want to get money-back, you can always visit an ATM, bank or another store that has a cashback policy in place.

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