Are Crumbl Cookies Vegan? (Dairy-Free & Egg-Free?)

Are Crumbl Cookies Vegan?

You’ve seen the hype all over Tik Tok, Crumbl Cookies are taking over the internet. These awesome, visually appealing cookies come in some way out flavors, that are a must for any cookie lover.

But, if you’re here, you more than likely want to know “are Crumbl Cookies vegan or if they have vegan options?”

In this article, we’ll do a deep dive into the ingredients of Crumbl Cookies and see if they meet the criteria to be considered vegan.

So, let’s get right into it.

Does Crumbl Have Vegan Cookies?

Does Crumbl Have Vegan Cookies?

Unfortunately, Crumbl Cookies does not have any vegan cookie options on their menu currently. Milk and eggs are listed as the two main ingredients in all Crumbl cookie options and this makes them not suitable for vegans. This is confirmed on their official website in their nutrition section.

Are Crumbl Cookies Dairy-Free or Egg-Free?

We know the cookies are not vegan friendly, due to the inclusion of eggs and milk.

Not Dairy-Free

As we mentioned earlier, because milk is listed as an ingredient in every Crumbl Cookies recipe, this means that the cookies are not dairy-free.

This will come as a disappointment to those with lactose intolerance or who are following a dairy-free diet for other reasons.

Not Egg-Free

Eggs are also listed as an ingredient in every Crumbl Cookies recipe. This means that the cookies are not egg-free and are not suitable for vegans or those with egg allergies.

Not sure if Crumbl cookies are gluten-free? read our in-depth article on this.

Will There Be Vegan Friendly Crumbl Cookie Options Anytime Soon?

As of right now, Crumbl Cookies does not have any vegan cookie options available and the company has made no indication that they are considering adding any in the future.

This is a shame, as there is clearly a demand for vegan cookies, as evidenced by the number of people taking to social media, especially Twitter, to voice their displeasure.

Twitter Reacts to No Vegan Crumbl Cookies

You can never say never, as things could always change in the future. Many companies adapt to the various food trends and dietary restrictions, but as of right now, there are no vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, halal or kosher Crumbl Cookies.

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Crumbl Cookie Vegan-Friendly Alternatives

Photo by James Trenda on Unsplash

If you really want to experience the amazingness that is a Crumbl Cookie, but you’re vegan, you do have some options.

You can either:

  • Make your own
  • Visit their competitor

You Can Make Your Own Vegan Crumbl Cookie

While Crumbl Cookies themselves are not vegan, you can make your own vegan version at home with a few simple ingredients.

I found two amazing recipes on Pinterest, that look delicious and relatively easy to make.

Copycat Crumbl Cookies & Cream Cookies

The first recipe is from the blog, marykatesvegancakes, who replicates Crumbl’s Cookies & Cream flavor.

If you enjoy the taste of a soft, yet chew chocolate chip cookie that’s also vegan, you’re going to love this recipe.

Copycat Crumbl Dirt Cake Cookies

marykatesvegancakes delivers another fantastic Crumbl copycat recipe, this time for their Dirt Cake cookies.

These are again, a throwback to dirt cakes we ate as kids, but with a Crumbl twist. This vegan recipe features a mix of cocoa powder, Oreos and vegan gummy worms.

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Visit a Competitor

Crumbl has a couple of competitors that offer the same style of cookie (They were going to sue one for copyright infringement, you can read it all here).

The Crave Cookie company has vegan-friendly options on their menu, along with flourless and dairy free.

If you live close to a Crave Cookie location, you can try one of their vegan cookies and it will be similar to a Crumbl cookie, just without the dairy and eggs.

Final Thoughts

As of right now, Crumbl Cookies does not have any vegan cookie options and they have made no indication that they will be adding any to their menu in the future. This is the same for their other dietary restricted options, such as gluten-free and dairy-free.

If you’re vegan and desperately want to experience the deliciousness of Crumbl Cookies, you can either make your own at home or visit a competitor that offers vegan-friendly options.

Who knows, maybe one day Crumbl will jump on the vegan-friendly bandwagon! We hope this is sooner than later.

Now, I want to hear from you!

Do you think Crumbl should add vegan cookie options to their menu? Let me know in the comments below!

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