Best Dansko Nursing Shoes

Imagine working 8 or 12 hour shifts running around, getting this or that and your feet are absolutely killing you. You are feeling all kinds of pains and walking has now become an unbearable task. That scenario is a reality for countless numbers of nurses and the major cause of foot pain is uncomfortable shoes.

If you ended up on this page, I am pretty sure you are searching for Dansko nursing shoes, which have a reputation for being one of the most comfortable shoes around.

If you’re interested in getting a pair or two of Danskos, then you can check out the list down below.

How Comfortable are Dansko?

Nurses absolutely love Dansko nursing clogs and I can guarantee that they are commonplace in hospitals and private care centers. The comfort level is like no other, as they are able to provide the cushioning that is needed for people who are on their feet all day, as well as excellent support.

Even though these shoes are not cheap, they are well worth the money spent.

If you ask anybody you know who owns a pair, they can tell you that these are some of the most comfortable shoes for nurses around. They feel good on the feet and the cushioning is exceptional. There are some nurses who have worn them all day and once they take them off, they experience no foot pain or discomfort.

The one complaint that some people have is that you may need to break them in first, as it can be a bit painful wearing them brand new. Some people can wear them out the box with no problems, while others may need to wear them around a little bit to have them fitting perfectly.

If you want to break them in, you should walk around your home in them a bit.

Dansko Nursing Shoes for Men

Even though a lot of the shoes that I recommend on this page are for women, I have not forgotten about the guys who are looking to find some nursing shoes. Dansko offers a wide selection and they are really good at delivering support, comfort and style.

The two most popular options for men would be the

  • The Men’s Professional
  • Men’s Pro XP

Where Can You Buy These Shoes?

I think one of the greatest things about today is the fact that everything is essentially available with a few clicks of a button. The internet has made it easier to get whatever we want, all from the comfort of your home.

If you are looking to get yourself a pair, then the best bet is to shop online.

Zappos – I absolutely love Zappos and am always recommending them, simply because they have the biggest selection of shoes online, they have an amazing free shipping policy (includes free returns) and their prices are often cheaper than anywhere else. If you want a good selection of cheap Dansko shoes, then Zappos is it. They not only have good prices, but eally good and you not only get access to a variety of styles, but there are tons of colors that you will not find anywhere else.

Amazon – Amazon is the webs biggest retailer and you can essentially find everything here. They have a very good selection of footwear from Dansko, so you should not have any problems finding what you are looking for. Their prices are also really good, but I think the advantage Amazon has over Zappos, is the fact that it you can also order your scrubs together with your shoes and get everything one time. It is a bit more convenient, just really depends if you plan on buying other stuff.

Department Stores – If you are not a big  fan of online shopping, or you would rather try the shoes on in person, then you should be able to get Dansko shoes at some of the major department stores. You can check Macys, Nordstrom or Sears to see what styles they may have. You will now be able try on the shoes in person and tell if it is a good fit for you, or if you are going to need a bigger size.

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