A Quick Look at the Best White Nursing Shoes

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Even though a lot of the larger networks no longer require nurses to wear all white, there may be some instances where someone might be looking for white nursing shoes.

It can be quite difficult and challenging trying to locate really good footwear, mainly ones that will be able to deliver the comfort and durability that is needed, especially if you’re going to be working up to 12 hours a day. You’re going to want to get footwear that last and also look pretty cool on the feet.

To save you the hassle, I have compiled a list of the 5 best White nursing shoes that are available. You definitely should be able to find something that is not only comfortable, but also stylish and has great support.

Dansko Professional

White Dansko Professional ClogYou have probably seen them on the feet or heard about how amazing Dansko Professional clogs are. Well if you are looking for some really comfortable footwear, then these are considered to be the best value for your money. Many nurses who complain about finding proper shoes are pleasantly surprised when wearing a pair of Danskos’. They are extremely comfortable and they have some styling to them. If you want a good investment, especially if your feet hurt you from running around all day, give these a try.

Crocs Bistro

Crocs BistroNot a lot of people like the look of Crocs. It looks ugly on the feet to some and others they care not about the style, but the comfort that it delivers. One of the popular options in hospitals across the country, you will find a lot of people wearing them. The comfortable footbed, mixed with its easy to wear fit will have you singing nothing but praises. Yea it might be ugly, but boy oh boy, does it feel good wearing them.

Nurse Mates Dove

Nurse Mates DoveDesigned specifically for nurses, the Nurse Mates Dove is a shoe that delivers excellent comfort and style. You will have no problem standing around all day in shoes like these and after you have finished you shift, there will be no worries of aching feet. They are very easy to slip on and off and they are also extremely lightweight

Alegria Debra

White Alegria Debra

Cute, comfy and stylish, those words sound good together don’t they? Well if you have a pair of Alegria Debra, you would understand why these shoes are described as such. They are some really fashionable footwear and they will look great when worn with the right uniform or scrubs. Comfort wise, they are some of the best that money can buy. You can be sure that wearing a pair all day, your feet will not hurting

Timberland Pro Renova

White Timerland Pro RenovaThe Pro Renova is another shoe that can be found throughout the corridors of many hospitals, thanks to how comfy they are. Some people are so in love with their comfort, they opt to buy multiple pairs; yes they are that good. They are not overly clunky on the feet and are a joy to wear around as you pull your daily shift. It is a good investment, especially if you want something that looks good and comfortable at the same time.

When Choosing Shoes, Remember Comfort & Durability

It is extremely important that when you are choosing footwear for work, that you get ones that are very comfortable and durable.

Comfort – as any nurse can attest, the job is extremely physically challenging and you are always going to be up and down on your feet. As such, whatever footwear that you choose, should definitely be comfortable. You should be able to wear them all day and not have to worry about your feet hurting you after your shift is over. On my guide to choosing nursing shoes, I highlight some more details related to this.

Durable – because you are always on your feet for so many hours in the day, it is a given that your shoes are going to wear out very quickly. This is why you would either need to have multiple pairs of shoes are cool with ones that will last a long time. This is an investment in your feet and you definitely do not want to go with something cheap. The good thing about all the ones that I listed above is that they are all generally pretty durable and will be a great investment. If you find some nurse work shoes that are very comfortable, maybe you should consider buying multiple pairs and rotating them every couple of days.

What White Shoe Options are Available?

When you are deciding on shoes to buy, you can look at different white nursing shoe options. You will generally find that people will often wear white clogs, sneakers.

Clogs – Clogs are super comfortable, offer a nice professional look, easy to pull on and off. There are a variety of white clog options, from popular brands such as Birkenstock, Alegria, Dickies, Dansko, Timberland and others.  Even the weird looking Crocs are considered have a good selection of clogs in the color option. Each offers their own unique styling, so you have to take a look to see which one offers what you are looking for.

Sneakers – More and more nurses are being drawn to sneakers as nursing footwear. You will often find nurses running in different styles of Nike and New Balance. When it comes to popular sneakers that are designed specifically for nursing, you will find that Skechers and Nurse Mates are ones that everyone gives high ratings.

Why Do Nurses Wear White Shoes?

White shoes for nurses are not a must these days. If the workplace does not require you to wear the color, you can essentially wear whatever you want, once they meet the safety and health requirements.

Tradition – Traditionally nurses had a dress code and they would often wear white uniforms and shoes. When you think of a nurse, you generally picture them in their uniform. This has changed in the past couple of years, as you will find nursing dress codes more relaxed and depending on the network they are in, they could wear just about any color.

Why White? – It is generally viewed as a color that is clean and pure. This was very important in the past, as nurses in all white uniforms would often be seen as neat, tidy and clean. The color not only played a psychological role on the patients but it also added to the professional look of the nurses.

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