Best Stuffed Dinosaur Toys

Maybe your child is looking for a snuggle buddy, maybe they love dinosaurs, or maybe they just want the best of both worlds. Well, whatever it is, it is a good thing that you happened upon this page, don’t ya think J.

If you are looking for the best plush dinosaur toys available, then you are in the right place. Below I will highlight the 10 cutest, softest and must-have animals that your kids will absolutely love.

Gkids Plush Dinosaurs – T-Rex


The T Rex is known for having a reputation as being the biggest and baddest dinosaur of them all. But with this ultra-cute and loveable version from Gkids, you are getting a really cool and

she didn’t want to play with it, it looked like it would at least make a good decoration in her room. Soft


  • 14 inches tall
  • Ultra soft and cushy
  • made with corduroy instead of synthetic fur that sheds it doesn’t mess with his allergies

CuddleZoo Apatosaurus


This cute Apatosaurus is irresistible to kids and best believe this is going to be their best cuddle buddy of all time. Stands on its own at almost 2 feet tall; it is a great plush companion to have and he will deliver tons of smiles.


  • Made from soft high-quality plush
  • Stands on its own
  • 20” tall

Melissa & Doug Wally Dinosaur


You would be surprised that T-Rex’s get such a bad rap. One look at Wally at he doesn’t seem like the ferocious beast that was terrorizing the world. This plush toy will melt your heart as he is super cute, adorable and will be a blast to play with . The camouflage makes him perfect for boys and if they get ol Wally as a gift, best believe they are going to be super happy with him.


  • Comes in a nice camouflage print that is designed with different earth tones
  • Made from Butter Fleece fabric, meaning it
    is super soft
  • Very squishy and fun to play with


Wild Republic Cuddlekin Triceratops


If you are looking for a cuddly pal that will stay loyal for all time, then this cute Triceratops is one to really consider. Cute design and very soft and squishy, if kids love Triceratops, then they will love this toy.


  • Measures 12”
  • Made with ultra-plush stuffing
  • Cute and adorable

Aurora Plush Pteranodon Dinosaur

Aurora-Plush-PteranodonThis flying Pteranodon is such a cutie pie and your kid is going to want to hug him up all day and night. Aside from being an awesome plush toy to play with, it can also be used as a decoration piece.  


  • Great toy or decoration piece
  • 12” high with realistic styling
  • Cuddly and soft

Aurora Plush Triceratops


You know there is something about Triceratops that just makes them ultra-cool. Fun some reason they are a kids favorite and I am pretty sure they are going to love this stuffed version. Super soft and squishy, it will allow for hours of fun and companionship.

Aurora-World-Dreamy-Eyes-Stan plush-dionsaur-house

Wild Republic Wild Watchers DiploDoc


That face gets me every time. It is just so cute and adorable and if I can feel like this over a toy, then imagine your kids. This is soft, plushy and cute Dino is going to be a really good bedtime companion and playmate.


  • Attentive large eyes
  • Soft and cuddly

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