Best Way to Move Cat Litter Box

Best Way to Move Cat Litter Box
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It is always a good idea to keep your cat’s litter box in the same location, but sometimes there is a need to move it to a new location. Moving your cat’s litter box can be easy or troublesome, it really depends on what method you use or the temperament of your cat. I will highlight 2 methods you can try out if you are looking to move the litter box to somewhere new.

The Best Way to Move Litter Box Option 1

If you are looking to move your cat’s litter box, then find a suitable new location and get a new litter box and place it there. Still keep the original box in the same place, but now the cat will have realize that there are 2 options available. Let them get used to the new box, before you take out the old one. Once the old one is removed, try and clean the place as best as possible, so that the scent is not there. The cat should realize that the new box is the one that they should be using.

The Best Way to Move Litter Box Option 2

Another way you can move your litter box is to just move it and show your cat where you have moved it to. It is ideal to leave a little pee and poo in it when you make the move. This is done so that the cat can recognize that this is his box, based off the scent. Once you have made the move, put the cat in the box and repeat this maybe every ½ hour to an hour. Cats are smart creatures and they will figure it out, but be prepared for those cats who may be resistant to the change.

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