Best Way to Charge a Citizen Eco Drive Watch

Citizen Eco Drive Watch

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Let’s admit it! There is something cool about the Citizen Eco Drive Watch collection.  These watches have the ability to go on and on, without the need of a change of battery. This is all made possible due their batteries being able to be charged by sunlight. No matter how many times I talk about it or see it in action, it is still pretty awesome.

The great thing about these watches is that you can wear them daily, without the fear of the battery dying or having to wind it up. You can even throw these watches into the deepest darkest place without sunlight and even if the watch ends up dying (The battery should last about 6 months), all you need to do is place it in the sunlight and it is back in action.

The Best Ways to Charge Your Citizen Eco Drive Watch

When it comes to charging you Citizen Eco Drive watch, you first need to determine how long you are going to need to charge your watch. Will you just be doing a regular recharge? Restoring the battery back from the “insufficiently charged” stage? Fully charging it after the battery has died? Whichever method you are thinking of doing, check out the chart below to get an idea as to the charging times.

Eco Drive Watch Charging Time

1.      Wear the Watch on a Sunny Day

If you wear an Eco Drive watch daily, then you will have no problem keeping your watch fully charged all time. Going in the sunlight will be able to give the battery a boost over the days that you wear it. So watches that get worn a lot, will basically close to fully charged, once you are continuously out in the sunlight.

1.      Leave Out in the Sunlight for a Couple Hours

If you have not worn the watch for some time or it has not been able to get a good amount of sunlight, then it would be a good idea to leave the watch out in the sun for a couple of hours. You could find a window in your house that gets a good amount of sun and leave the watch by it. You could leave it by the window for a few hours so that the battery can get some time to charge. In doing this method, you will be able to top up your battery, as well as jump start it if it had been locked away in a place where there little to no sunlight.

*Reference the chart above to see charging times.

2.      Leave Under an Artificial Light Source.

Even though sunlight is the best method to charge the watch, you can also use artificial light sources such as a desk lamp or room light. These will be able to give the battery a nice little boost, even though it is not ideal and will take a longer time to charge the battery. You can refer to the chart above to see how long you would need to leave the watch charging under these artificial light sources.

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