Best Way to Clean a PS3 Controller

Clean PS3 Controller
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Click, click, swivel swivel, click click. That’s how it sounds when you are putting in work on Madden, NBA2K, Skyrim, Assassins Creed or the plethora of other popular PS3 games. The controller is going to be worked out heavily, especially if you play games a lot and during that time, you can be sure it is going to get dirty. Having a dirty controller may be a sign of honor for some people, but the dirt, grime and grease is not a good look at all. Luckily, the PS3 controller is pretty easy to clean and below, I’ll give you guys some of the ways you can use to have it looking brand new.

What You Need for the Job

All the things that you need to clean your PS3 controller is pretty cheap, so do not expect to spend a ton load of money.

Things you will need

  • Cotton swabs
  • Balls of cotton
  • Toothpicks
  • Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

Clean Sticky Buttons on Your PS3 Controller

It would be a good idea to attack the buttons on the controller first, simply because these are going to be so dirty as they get used so much. It is also a good idea to clean the buttons, because the grime will also cause them to stick and you will have problems using them.

  • With the toothpicks you have, use them to around the buttons on the controller, dislodging and removing all the dirt you can see.
  • Be very careful that you do not jam the toothpick under the buttons as this simple thing could cause some damage to them.
  • Once you have the dirt cleaned out, you can then get the cotton swabs, damped them with alcohol.
  • Use the moist cotton swab and go around the buttons of the controller, removing any dirt out may see.

Clean Your PS3 Controller Analog Sticks

The next step in the process is to clean the analog sticks on the PS3 controller. This is a very easy process and you should be able to do this under 5 minutes.

  • Carefully use a toothpick to go in and around the crevices of the analog stick. Remove any dirt build up you may see.
  • Get a cotton swab and dampen it with some of the alcohol.
  • Use the cotton swab and give the stick a thorough cleaning. Pay attention at removing any excess dirt or gunk you may see.

Clean On and Around Your PS3 Controller

Ok, you are almost finished. The final step is to clean the entire controller. Aside from the buttons and analog stick, there are a bunch of different joints and crevices where dirt can be hiding.

  • Take the toothpick and dig out any excess dirt on and around the controller.
  • Once cleaned out, dampen the cotton swab with alcohol and give these areas a thorough cleaning
  • You can do the above step again to make sure you get rid of all the dirt, gunk and grime on the controller.
  • Once you have gone over the controller a couple of times, you should be finished and the controller should be as good as new.

It is pretty important that you clean your PS3 controller on a regular basis, simply because a dirty controller can be pretty gross. The cleaning process only takes a couple of minutes, once you have the right tools. Keeping the controller clean also means you will not have to worry about sticky buttons or your sticks ceasing up on you.


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