Best Way to Clean Blood From Sheets

Best Way to Clean Blood from Sheets
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There are times when blood, for whatever reason, ends up on the bed sheets. It can be pretty shocking to say the least, simply because most people know that blood stains and essentially that means the sheets are ruined. Throwing away your sheets does not have to happen, especially if you know the right ways to get rid of blood out of fabric.

So if you are freaking out do not worry. I am going to present some of the best ways to remove blood from sheets.

  1. If the blood stain is fresh then you want to rinse it in some cold water. The cold water will help to get it out and if you give it a good rub, cold water could be all that you need. PLEASE NOTE: At no time should you be using warm or hot water to remove the blood stains. Warm/Hot water will allow the blood stain to set and if that happens, then good luck trying to get it out after that.
  2. If you have a stubborn blood stain on the sheet, then you can keep soaking and rubbing the sheet in cold water over a period of time. This might have to be done over a couple of hours, or let it sit in the cold water overnight.
  3. If you have white sheets, then another option to get rid of the blood stain would be hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide works really good, as it bleaches out protein based stains. The good thing is that while it get rids of blood stains, it does not damage the fabric of the sheets.
  4. Get an enzyme cleaner such as Oxyclean. All you have to do is apply the Oxyclean to the blood stain and rub the affected part and rinse. You may need to repeat the process to get everything out if the cleaner does not get it all the first time.
  5. Grab your detergent and apply it to the stained area. Apply cold water and rub the area vigorously. You should keep doing it until the blood stain goes away.
  6. Head to your local grocery store and look for the section that sells products that removes stains. You can find stain removers in either a spray form, or one of those small markers that you rub on. Apply the stain remover; let it sit for a little bit and then rinse it out using cold water.
  7. Get the dishwashing liquid from the kitchen, apply it to the stain and rub the sheet vigorously under cold water. You may want to let it set overnight if you are having a difficult time getting rid of the blood on the sheets.


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