Best Way to Clean Shih Tzu Eyes

Best Way to Clean Shih Tzu Eyes
Image Credit: cheriejphotos w/CC License

Shih Tzu’s are awesome dogs and they make really good pets. These pint sized dogs may have a bit of attitude, but that is part of their charm isn’t it?

Grooming a Shih Tzu is very important as it helps to keep them healthy and looking good. One part of the grooming process is keeping the eyes of the dog clean. This is a common problem with this breed and you will find that matter and other residue can build up around the eyes and if not cleaned out properly, it can get into the eye and cause irritation.

Below I will look at the easiest and best way to clean a Shih Tzu dog’s eyes.

If you can, keep the hair around the eyes of the dog trimmed and short. This will help to reduce the tear/matter build up.

What You Will Need

  • A wash cloth
  • Tearless dog shampoo
  • Comb

How to Clean Shih Tzu Eyes

  • Take the warm wash cloth and wipe around the face, spending extra time cleaning out any tear residue that may have built up around the corners of the eyes. Do this gently.
  • You can now take the tearless dog shampoo and get the fur around the eyes that may have some of the tear residue on it. The shampoo will help to remove the residue and since it is tearless, it will not bother the dog.
  • Finally, you can comb out the hair so it is not close to the dogs eyes. This will also help to reduce the buildup of residue.

You can do a quick cleaning every other day or so. Once you do it regularly, the build up around the dogs eyes will not be as constant. The dog will enjoy this little affection time and you will also have a Shih Tzu that is well groomed and healthy.

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