Best Way To Dry a Bra

Best Way to Dry a Bra

Have you been into the bra section recently? Bras can be pretty expensive and you definitely don’t want to see your little investment get destroyed all due to improper care. If you want your bras to last a long time, then proper care is needed. This means you need to wash them properly and dry them the right way.

Hand Wash Your Bras!

Hand Wash your Bra

One mistake that a lot of women make is that they throw their bras into the washing machine. Ideally, the best way to wash a bra is by hand. This is a delicate piece of underwear and hand washing will allow you to handle it gently and this will also help to prolong the life. If you have no time to hand wash, if you must use the machine, put it on the gentle cycle.

Do Not Put Bras in the Dryer

Another mistake women make when drying their bras is that they put them in the dryer once they are finished being washed. As stated above, bras are very delicate and the dryer is not very forgiving on delicate clothing. The intense heat will do a lot of damage such as possibly changing the shape of the underwire, among other things. Stay away from the dryer if you want your bras to last longer.

Hang Out to Dry on a Clothes Line

Hang Bras Out to Dry
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The clothesline is the best way to dry a bra. Take the bra that you washed and pin it on the line by the straps. The air will dry it out in no time and with this method, no damage takes place to this delicate garment.

For those of you who do not have a clothesline, you can get a hanger and pin the bra onto it. You can hang in in the bathroom or someplace where there is a lot of air circulating.

Put Bras to Dry on a Drying Rack

Air drying is the best way to dry bras and I did mention that the clothesline was an excellent option. A lot of people do not have these, but you can use a towel rack or drying rack to get the job done. The air is able to circulate around the clothing and after a couple of minutes; it should be close to dry or fully dried. Really simple and easy process and you get to save your delicate undergarments from degradation and early destruction.


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