Best Way to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Upholstery

Best Way to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Upholstery
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If Fido hops along with you for a ride in your car, then you know dog hairs in the upholstery is a part of owning man’s best friend. Even if you spend the time cover the seats with a sheet, you will still find dog hair all over the car. Vacuuming, while it seems like the easiest option, actually won’t get everything. If you are suffering from dog hairs constantly being lodged in the car upholstery, then gave no fear! I am going to give you some pretty cool tricks you can try out to get dog hair out of your car seats upholstery.

Rubber Kitchen Gloves

As weird as it sounds, those yellow rubber kitchen gloves are a pretty good option to use when trying to get dog hair out of the car upholstery. With the gloves on your hand, just move them around back and forth and surprisingly, the rubber from the gloves will aid in pulling out the dog hair from the seats. You will end up with the hair bunching together and it will be easy to pick off or just vacuum up.

Fabric Softener and Water Mixture

You can try a little mixture of fabric softener and water. If you have a spray bottle, you can fill it up with your new mixture and lightly mist the area of the car that has the dog hair. The fabric softener will help to break the static electricity that is responsible for making the dog hair stick. The hair will be easier to remove and you can try to use the vacuum cleaner or some of the other methods mentioned in this article.

Microfiber cloth

Try using a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth to aid you in getting rid of dog hair from the car seats upholstery. Just rub around the affected area, gathering all the hair together. You will find that the hair will get dislodged and it will be easier to remove, either by vacuuming or picking it off.

Vacuum Cleaner Designed for Pet Hair

Sometimes a regular vacuum cleaner will not work at getting rid of the pet hair on the upholstery. You can vacuum as much as you want, but you can be sure that the hair will not budge. With the special pet vacuum cleaner, they will often come with special nozzles and brushes which will help to dislodge the hair and make it easier to suck up.

Dry Sponge

You can take a dry sponge and brush the dog hair together from the upholstery. The dog hair will begin to bunch together and you can just pick it off or vacuum it up.

Duct Tape

You know just about everything sticks to duct tape and if you are having problems with dog hair in the car, well, you could give this a try. You can take a strip of duct tape and apply it to the affected area. Once applied, jus lift it up and the dog hair will be pulled up easily and with no problems.

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