3 Quick Steps To Peel a Kiwi in a Couple Seconds

Image Credit: jonycunha w/CC License
Image Credit: jonycunha w/CC License

I am pretty sure sometimes you just sit down and wonder if there is an easier way to peel kiwi. Using a knife often gets the job done, but it can be time consuming and you also lose so much of that juicy fruit if you cut too deep trying to get the skin off.

Well consider yourself lucky for landing on this page, as below I’m going to highlight a pretty simple way peel kiwi. Once you see how easy it is to do, you are going to be kicking yourself for not knowing about this little trick earlier.

What You Will Need:  One Kiwi Fruit, A Sharp Knife and a Dessert Spoon.

Also: Wash your kiwi fruit before you begin. This will ensure no bacteria/chemicals are on the skin, as this could be transferred when you are peeling the fruit.

1. You are going to take the knife and cut both the top and the bottom off the kiwi.

2. Take the spoon and slightly push it between the fruit and skin and slowly move it around

3. Tadaa!!!!!!!! Perfectly Peeled Kiwi

As you can see it is pretty simple, you won’t have to waste as much fruit and you will be enjoying this emerald goodness in no time.

You can check out the video below to see the peeling process step by step and then you can consider yourself a kiwi peeling connoisseur.

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