How to Reheat Popcorn: We Look At The Best Options to Use

You landed on this page because you want to know how to reheat popcorn.

Well, you are in the right place.

Today, I am going to show you the right methods to use so that you can warmup stale popcorn.

So, lets jump right into it.

What to Know Before Reheating Popcorn

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Popcorn is best when it is freshly made.

However, it gets stale and chewy pretty quickly.

This is because:

Freshly popped corn quickly absorbs humidity from the air. As the popcorn absorbs moisture, it loses its crispness and it can become chewy. (Home Theater Express)

So if you are making popcorn ahead of time.

Here are some tips to consider so it keeps fresh.

  • Keep it warm but dry.
  • Store in an airtight container

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How to Reheat Popcorn: 2 Best Methods Examined

How to Reheat Popcorn: A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide

When it comes to reheating popcorn, you have two options to go with:

  • Oven
  • Microwave

They are both perfect for reheating and will get the popcorn warm and fluffy, just as you like it.

Let us take a deeper look at each option.

Reheating Popcorn Using the Oven

The oven is an efficient option for reheating stale popcorn.


  1. Preheat oven to 300-350°F
  2. Place popcorn on a baking sheet or oven-safe dish.
  3. Bake the popcorn in the oven for around 3-5 minutes (Check to ensure it does not burn or get too crispy)
  4. Remove, allow to cool and enjoy.

Note: If you want to be fancy, you can jazz up the popcorn by adding seasoning.

Sprinkle cheese, cinnamon and added ingredients to give the popcorn that added flavor.

Pros: The oven reheats popcorn perfectly and allows you to give the snack some versatility.
Cons: Not as fast as the microwave, as it takes a couple of minutes to get the popcorn warmed up.

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Reheating Popcorn Using the Microwave

The microwave is the quickest way to reheat popcorn.

When done properly, you should be finished and enjoying your snack in under a minute.


  1. Place the stale popcorn in a microwave-safe dish or bowl.
  • Set the microwave’s heat level to medium
  • Reheat for about 30 seconds. Check if it is warmed to your liking.  
  • If still not warmed, microwave for an additional 10-15 seconds. 
  • Remove

Note: Don’t let it overheat as this can make it hard.

Pros: Quick and easy, can have the popcorn reheated in a couple of seconds.

Wrapping it up

There you have it: the 2 best ways to reheat popcorn.

Which method is going to be your new go-to reheating option?

Drop a comment below and let me know.

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Guide to Reheating Popcorn

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