Best Way to Reheat Taco Bell

How to Reheat Taco Bell
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Many hate on Taco Bell and then there are others who absolutely love it. This is fast food that will satisfy whatever craving you may have and it is also super delicious as well.

If you are on this page, then I am pretty sure you are looking for the best way to reheat Taco Bell. Take a look at this quick guide that will show you the best options when it comes to warm up tacos, chalupas, burritos and more.

The Oven Is Your Go to Choice

While there is nothing better than freshly made Taco Bell, you can “attempt” to warm it up to some degree if you are just looking to have something warm to enjoy. It won’t be as good as the first time, but it’s better than eating it cold.

The oven is best way to really heat things up, so take a look at the steps below.


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Take out all the cold fillings out of your Taco Bell meal (lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, anything that will taste yucky warmed up).
  • Wrap your given meal in aluminum foil and place in an oven safe dish.
  • Reheat the Taco Bell meal for about 15-20 minutes, or until fully warmed up.
  • Take out and enjoy.

This works well for Taco Bell tacos, burritos, gorditas, chalupas and possibly tacos. Check out our taco reheating guide to get that perfect.

You Could Heat Somethings in a Skillet

This is where we get a bit resourceful. If you are feeling lazy or your oven isn’t working, then you can try to reheat on a skillet. The key is to make sure that you do not burn it, but also make sure everything is warmed up perfectly.


  • Just like the oven method, you need to make sure that you take out all the cold stuff that’s going to get disgusting if heated up
  • Heat up a skillet or non-stick pan on low-medium heat
  • Spray with non-stick oil
  • Put in the Taco bell item and allow it to heat up on one side, then flip it on the other
  • You could also cover the pan with a lid or plate, allow the heat to circulate through the food, heating it up properly.
  • Once it is fully heated and you are not burning it in the process, you can take it out and enjoy.

The Microwave is Iffy

You definitely will not be able to reheat anything crispy in the microwave, as it is going to come out soggy. So all those hard tacos and nachos, don’t even think about it. The microwave should be pretty decent with anything soft.


  • Place Taco bell meal in microwave safe dish (remember to take out the cold stuff)
  • You can let everything heat up for 30 seconds to a minute, depending on how much stuff you have, or if it was in the refrigerator
  • Once it is heated up, you can take it out and enjoy.


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  1. I reheated my Taco Bell Mexican pizza in a skillet with a tight fitting lid (a plate would work too as long as it’s a glass plate!). Medium low heat, dry non-stick skillet and a few drips of water. Heat the skillet, n when hot, add your food. Check after 3 minutes to see if the bottom is browning. If so, add a few drops of water n cover. Let cook for another 3-4 minutes n check. Food should be heated n ready to enjoy!


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