Best Way to Store Bacon Grease

Bacon Grease
(Credit: fstorr w/CC License)

It’s just reality, Bacon makes everything taste better. So with bacon being so downright awesome, imagine cooking other things in bacon grease. Your chicken, eggs, pancakes, pork….whatever you can think of will be infused with the goodness and have youbow

1. Cook That Bacon!

Take that bad boy out of the freezer, throw it in the skillet and lets start cook. As you know, once you start cooking bacon, there is just going to be an abundance of oil. Generally most people throw it away, but if you are really into cooking, then this is something that you are going to want to save.

Bacon cooking

2. Let the Oil Cool and Eat That Bacon!

You are going to want to wait until the oil cools before you pour it into a glass jar. So while you are waiting for it to cool down, why not enjoy all that lovely bacon that you just cooked.

3. Strain the Bacon Grease

Right before you put the bacon grease into the glass jar for future use, it is a good idea to strain it. Little pieces of bacon will be left behind when cooking and this needs to come out, as it can turn the oil rancid very quickly.

The best way to strain this grease is to get a cheese cloth or a coffee filter and hold it over the jar as you pour the grease in it. This will remove all those dreaded meat pieces that will contribute to the oil going bad.

4. Pour into a Glass Jar

It’s best to store the bacon grease in a glass jar. If you are using plastic containers, please ensure that the oil is cooled properly.

5. Store in the Refrigerator

Once you have the bacon oil in the fridge, you can now pull it out to use whenever you like. As to how long you can store the oil, it really depends on how much meat particles you got out during the straining process. You can use bacon grease for up to a couple of weeks with no problem. If you listen to a lot of older Southern cooks, they will tell you that bacon grease never spoils!!

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