Best Way to Store Honey

Best Way to Store Honey
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Honey. Just the name alone brings a smile to my face. This sweet nectar has so many practical uses, is pretty good for you and is pretty yummy.

So what happens if you end up with a big supply of honey and you want to store it? What is the best method to store this excess honey that you may have.

The great thing about honey is that it can be stored indefinitely, thanks to its high sugar content. It will also help if the honey is sealed properly.

Tips for storing your honey

  • Store honey in a cool dark location. Try to avoid having it in direct sunlight.
  • Make sure that the container that the honey is kept in is tightly sealed.
  • You do not need to store in the refrigerator, as that will make the honey crystalize.
  • Crystalized honey doesn’t mean it is spoiled. All you have to do is re-liquify it. This is easy to do, as you can put the jar in a pan of hot water and gently heat it. The honey should be back to normal in no time. Do not heat too much, as you can change the taste, flavor and color of the honey.
  • Stored honey can become cloudy and this does not means it is spoiled, it is just crystallization taking place.
  • If you store honey for a long time, it can have a change it it’s taste, flavor and color. Once again, this does not mean it is spoiled.


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