How to Thaw Frozen Bananas With Quick & Easy Steps

How to Thaw Frozen Bananas Quickly: Best Methods to Use

A banana is a multi-functional fruit that can be used in just about anything. You will have some people using it to make cakes, some will have it with cereal, others will eat as post workout snack and others who just enjoyed as the great fruit that it is.

Because bananas can ripen quickly, some people opt to freeze them so they can be used at a later date. Frozen bananas are great for smoothies and other uses, but what happens if you want to defrost them?

Below I have written a very quick guide that will highlight some of the easiest ways that you can go about thawing out bananas that have been frozen.

How to Thaw Frozen Bananas Quickly: Best Methods to Use

Best Way to Defrost Frozen Bananas Quickly.

If you are in a rush and need your frozen bananas thawed quickly, you have a couple of options you can use.

You can defrost them:

  • At room temperature
  • In a microwave

Let us take a look at each method below.

Let Them Thaw at Room Temperature

Image Credit: steve hopson w/CC License
Image Credit: steve hopson w/CC License

If you have frozen bananas and you want to thaw them out, one of the easiest methods is by letting them thaw out at room temperature.

This is not the quickest way, however, you should be able to have the bananas fully defrosted after a couple of minutes.


  1. Place frozen bananas in a container.
  2. You can let them defrost in the refrigerator or at room temperature.
  3. Once they are thawed it, there might be some excess water, nothing to be alarmed about.
  4. Now you can use them for whatever you want.

Use the Microwave

If you do not feel like sitting around waiting on the bananas to defrost, you can also use the microwave. This can be a very quick process and they could be thought out and ready to be used in just a couple of seconds.


  1. Take frozen bananas and put them in a microwave safe container.
  2. Set the microwave to defrost.
  3. Zap the bananas till they are fully defrosted.
  4. Take out and use.

There are countless uses for bananas that have been defrost it and you will often find that people will use them to make cakes and just about anything else that you can think of. They’re almost going to be just like when you had peeled them out of their skin.

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