Best Way to Wash Muddy Running Shoes

Clean Muddy Running Shoes
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If you are a runner, then you know your feet can take you anywhere from urban roads to the off-beaten path. Throughout your journeys, your feet will be doing a lot of work and the shoes taking a beating with every step. If you run, your shoes are going to get dirty, but what happens if you end up running somewhere dirty and muddy and the shoes look like a big brown glob. Well if you continue reading, I will highlight the best ways to wash/clean a muddy running shoe.

1. Let the Mud Dry

The first step in cleaning muddy running sneakers is letting the mind dry on them. It makes the shoes easier to clean and you will not have to have to worry about a big mess later on.

2. Get the Mud off the Shoes

Once you have allowed the mud to dry on the shoe, the next step is to get it off. You can do this in a variety of ways.

  1. Put the shoes on and stomp around in them to shake loose the caked on mud.
  2. Take the pair of shoes and slap them together. This should cause the mud to dislodge.
  3. Use something to dig the mud off the sneaker. Please be careful not to dig too hard, where you are destroying the fabric or the surface of the sneaker.

The next steps below depend on how dirty your shoes are after the mud comes off.  You determine which method works for you.

3a. Throw them in the Washing Machine

If after getting the mud off and the running shoes are still a bit dirty, then you can wash them in the washing machine. It is a good idea to put the machine on the gentle cycle, as this will not damage the sneakers.

3b. Wash off Excess Mud with a Wet Cloth

If you get the mud off the running sneaker and find that it is still a bit dirty, you could use a moist cloth to wipe off the excess dirt. Remember to give it a bit of elbow grease to get out some of the harder dirt stains. You can also add a bit of detergent to the wet cloth to help with the cleaning process.

4. Let Them Air Dry

Once you have got your running shoes clean, then next step is to let them air dry. You can place them somewhere that gets hot, but not direct heat. In a couple of hours, the shoes will be dry and you will have your shoes looking brand new.

Note: do not place wet sneakers in the dryer, as they excess heat could cause the glue to melt or other parts of the shoe to become undone.


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