Can You Freeze Granola?

Freezing granola

Can you freeze granola? The answer is yes! If you are an addict of this popular meal, you can store it to be had a later date and it would still have the same freshness as when you first made it. So get that recipe you love in action and make one big massive batch, because I am going to show you how to store granola in the freezer with no problems.

Why Freeze Granola?

You will often find that a lot of people end up freezing granola, simply because they are interested in keeping it for much longer than if they had it outside of the freezer. This means, if they make it from scratch, they can make a big batch and to save it for when it is needed. The good thing about keeping granola in the freezer is that you can keep it between 3 to 6 months, without having to worry about it going back. So this definitely works over those people who are absolutely addicted and need to get their fix whenever.

How to Freeze Granola

When it comes to freezing your granola, the process is not very difficult. Just put aside a couple of minutes for preparation and after that everything should be ready for storage.

Step 1

You are going to need some granola and at this point, it is best to use that killer recipe that you have been saving. Once you have toasted and made your granola, you should let it cool fully before attempting to freeze it.

Note: If you have store bought granola, you could just follow Step 2-4 below.

Step 2

Once your granola is cooled, it is time to get it ready for the freezer. At this point, you can place it in a freezer container or one of those Ziploc bags that are designed for the freezer. It is always good to try and squeeze out all the air out of the bag, as this reduces the possibility of freezer burn.

Step 3

Once the granola is packaged, you can place it in the freezer. It is a good idea to label the container or the Ziploc bag, so that you have an idea as to when it went into the freezer. Remember, you can store granola for up 3-6 months in the freezer, so labelling helps. You don’t want to be looking in your freezer one day and seeing a big bag of granola and have no idea if you put it in 4 months or 3 years ago.

What About Granola Bars?

You can freeze granola bars with no problems and it would be the same steps as above. If you have store bought bars, you can just throw them in the freezer bag. If you have homemade, you should wrap them with plastic wrap and aluminum foil before placing them in the freezer bag.

Thawing It Out!

When it comes time to enjoy your frozen granola, you are going to have to let it thaw out. This is pretty easy, as all you have to do is let it sit out at room temperature for a couple hours and after that it should be good to go. Letting it sit in the refrigerator to defrost might not be the best idea as it will take a lot longer to thaw out and if you have dried fruit, the fruit could end up getting tough.

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