Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt? (Can You Make Smoothies With It?)

How to Freeze Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the most popular types of yogurts around and this is due to its amazing taste and valuable health properties. It can be used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes such as smoothies, for baking, thickening soups or casseroles, or for adding to dips.

If you are freezing Greek yogurt however, you should be aware that the texture and consistency of the thawed yogurt will not be the same as when it was frozen. The taste does however remain mostly consistent.

Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt? (Should You Be Doing This?)

Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt? Should You Freeze It?

Yes, you can and no, freezing Greek yogurt does not change it into a frozen treat. When Frozen and thawed, there is no significant change in the texture of the Greek yogurt. When stored properly, the yogurt can be kept for three months maximum, which can help to extend the shelf life of the product. For the savvy shopper who likes to buy in bulk, this is a great idea for saving money.

One of the great things about freezing this yogurt is that the health benefits remain the same. The live cultures that constitute yogurt remain dormant while the product is frozen and become active again after thawing. So if you are the health conscious individual and who just so happens to walk in on a sale on yogurt, go ahead and indulge in frozen goodness!

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How To Freeze Greek Yogurt – With Step-by-Step Instructions

Container of Chobani Yogurt

Greek yogurt can be frozen in their original unopened containers, but since these might expand in the freezer, freezer bags are definitely a better option. Follow the steps below for perfect storage of your yogurt.


  1. Using a large spoon, scoop out some yogurt from its original container and fill freezer bags with serving size portions.
  2. Seal freezer bags with an airtight finish. As a best practice, label bags with an expiration date and store in the freezer.
    If you are freezing Greek yogurt for use in smoothies then follow the process below for an easy to work with option.
  3. Scoop the  yogurt into an ice cube tray or a mini-muffin tin and place in the freezer for a couple of hours or until frozen solid.
  4. Remove the frozen cubes from the freezer and pry them from the tray. Place the cubes into a large freezer bag and seal for an airtight finish. Frozen cubes can be popped into the blender without thawing for a ready to go meal.

Another method to freeze Greek yogurt is to use popsicle molds. The process is the same as the above. Simply replace the ice tray or muffin tin with the popsicle mold and follow the same steps.

How to Thaw Frozen Greek Yogurt

If you want to defrost frozen Greek yogurt properly, it is best to let it thaw in your refrigerator overnight for best results.

For a quick defrost, place the Greek yogurt in a freezer bag and immerse it into a container of water. Ensure that the bag is properly sealed to prevent water from entering and ruining the yogurt.

Separation of the particles in the yogurt will occur, so it is recommended that you stir the contents thoroughly before serving.

Add fruits and serve as usual!

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