Can You Freeze Oat Milk?

Can You Freeze Oat Milk?
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We all know that oat milk is a great dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk. If you’re like me, you probably buy it in bulk to save money. But what happens when you have too much oat milk and can’t drink it all before it goes bad?

If you ended up on this article, you are probably wondering if you can oat milk? Well, you are in the right place. Today, I am going to answer the question, along with a few others related to freezing oat milk.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Does Oat Milk Freeze Well?

Does Oat Milk Freeze Well?
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The good news is that you can freeze oat milk! This dairy-free alternative freezes just as well as cow’s milk, so if you want to freeze some for later, go ahead.

Are There Any Negatives to Storing Oat Milk in the Freezer?

There aren’t any major negatives to storing oat milk in the freezer. The most important thing you should be aware of is that oat milk can separate when thawed.

To avoid this, simply shake the thawed oat milk before using it.

Just keep in mind that oat milk can separate when frozen, so you may want to give it a good

3 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Freeze Oat Milk

Now that we know that almond milk can be frozen, let’s take a look at why it might be a good idea to do so.

1. Oat Milk Lasts Longer When Frozen

One of the main reasons to freeze oat milk is for longevity. Homemade oat milk only lasts a couple of days in the fridge, while store-bought oat milk has a slightly longer shelf life.

Freezing it can help it to last much longer. When stored in an airtight container, frozen oat milk will stay fresh for up to 3 months.

2. You Can Save Money by Freezing Oat Milk

If you find that oat milk is on sale, consider buying in bulk and freezing what you won’t use right away. This will help you to save money in the long run.

3. Convenient

Another great reason to freeze oat milk is for convenience. If you are someone who doesn’t drink oat milk every day, it can be a pain to have to buy it fresh every time you want it.

Having a stash of frozen oat milk will ensure that you always have some on hand when you need it.

4. Frozen Oat Milk is Great for Smoothies

 Smoothies are a great way to start your day and if you freeze your oat milk as ice cubes, you can always throw in a few cubes to make your smoothie even thicker and creamier. This is also a great way to use up any oat milk that is about to go bad.

How to Freeze Oat Milk: A Step-by-Step Guide

Freezing oat milk is pretty straight-forward. You have different methods that can be used and I will not look at each on in detail.

  • Freezing oat milk as ice cubes
  • Freezing the whole carton
  • Freezing in a freezer-safe container

Freezing Oat Milk in a Ice Tray

The advantage of freezing oat milk in an ice tray is that you can take out how many cubes you need and don’t have to worry about defrosting the whole container or carton.


  1. Start by pouring your oat milk into an ice tray.
  2. Place the ice tray in the freezer and let it freeze for several hours or overnight.
  3. Once the milk is frozen, remove the cubes from the ice tray and place them in a freezer-safe container or bag.
  4. Label the container or bag with the date and place it back in the freezer.
  5. To use, simply remove the desired number of cubes from the container and add them to your smoothie or recipe.

Freezing A Carton of Oat Milk

If your favorite brand of oat milk (like Oatly) comes in a carton, then you can freeze the whole carton.

While the milk will expand as it freezes, you should not worry too about the carton bursting open, but to be on the safe side, it is always a good idea to pour a bit of milk out before freezing.


  1. Pour out about ½ inch of milk from the top of the carton to allow for expansion.
  2. Place the carton in the freezer and let it freeze for several hours or overnight.
  3. Once frozen, you can leave the milk in the freezer till you are ready to use it.

Freezing in a Freezer-Safe Container

The advantage of freezing in a freezer-safe container is that you can portion out how much oat milk you want to freeze. This can be helpful if you only use oat milk occasionally and don’t want to have to thaw an entire carton or container at once.


  1. Start by pouring your oat milk into a freezer-safe container.
  2. If you are using a glass container, make sure to leave some room at the top for expansion.
  3. Place the lid on the container and label it with the date.
  4. Place it in the freezer and let it freeze for several hours or overnight.
  5. To use, simply remove the desired amount of oat milk from the container and thaw it in the fridge or use it directly from the freezer in smoothies or baking recipes.

Thawing Frozen Oat Milk

Frozen oat milk will last for up to 3 months in the freezer, but it is best to use it within the first month or two for the best quality.

When you are ready to use your frozen oat milk, simply remove it from the freezer and thaw it in the fridge overnight.

You can also let it sit out at room temperature for a couple hours to defrost.

Once thawed, give the milk a good shake or stir before using.

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Wrapping it up

There you have it, everything you need to know about freezing oat milk. Whether you want to freeze it in cubes, the whole carton, or portion it out into freezer-safe containers, as you can see it is pretty easy to do.

Now, the next time you are at the grocery store, pick up a few extra cartons or containers of oat milk and stock your freezer so you always have some on hand.

Have you ever frozen oat milk before? What is your favorite way to use it? Let me know in the comments.

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