Can You Freeze Soda?

Freezing SodaSo you are going on a long road trip and have no intention on overpaying for cold gas station soda. So what is the best option for you? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to just freeze some, throw them in a cooler and bring them along? So can you freeze soda? Sounds great in theory, but there could be a major problem you could run into if you are not careful!

Below is a short guide that highlights the whole freezing soda process. I will show you the right way to do it, as well as highlighting the pros/cons and other useful information!

The Freezing Process

Some of you might be interested in freezing soda, as you might be going on a trip, you want it super cold or you just want to find out what will happen. Whatever your reason is you should know off the bat that it is not a good idea. Well, I won’t say the idea is all bad, but if you are planning on freezing cans…..Do Not Try It! Soda cans do not freeze well and what will happen is that they will expand as they get frozen and eventually they will explode, messing up your

Cans are a Really a Bad Idea

Do Not Freeze Soda CansThere is just so much evidence saying don’t freeze cans, but if you wanna try it out, record the outcome and let us know!

This Is Kinda What happens


This guy got lucky, simply because the can expanded but did not explode! So as you can see, do not try to freeze soda cans, you can’t say I didn’t warn you!

Plastic Freezes With No Problems

Soda pop in plastic bottles can be frozen with no problems. Plastic can expand and this reduces the possibility of it exploding. So if you do want to freeze pop, just remember to use plastic bottles.

How to Freeze Soda?

Okay if you still want to go about freezing your soda, remember do not use cans and always opt for the plastic bottles.

Step 1

The first step is pretty straightforward, as you’re going to take the plastic soda bottles and place it inside the freezer.

Step 2

If you do not want the soda fully frozen and  just want a more like a slushy mixture, then keep them inside the freezer for maybe 30 to 45 minutes (depending on how cold the freezer is, could be longer). It is a good idea to check periodically, as you do not want to get totally frozen. You just want them to have that slushy feel.

Step 3

If you are planning on freezing them solid, you can keep them in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

Thawing It Out

Thawing the soda is not a difficult process, especially since most of you will be taking it somewhere where you are going to need the soda to keep cold for a couple of hours. If you plan on going on a really long trip, ideally you could put them inside a cooler and they will defrost on their own after a couple of hours. If you want them in an hour or two, you could wrap them in paper towels and to keep them out until you are ready to enjoy this cold beverage.

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