Can You Eat Cereal With Water?

Can You Eat Cereal With Milk?
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For many people, cereal is an integral part of their daily breakfast routine. Not only is it quick and easy to make, there are dozens of varieties on the market, which means you can always switch it up.

Regardless of what flavors you like, there is bound to be a cereal that suits your needs. Whether you like fruity or savory, there is a cereal out there for you. Cereal can be enjoyed either hot or cold, and is generally enjoyed with milk.

But what if you don’t have any milk on hand? Or you’re lactose intolerant? Or you just don’t enjoy the taste of milk? What are the options? Is it possible to eat cereal with water?

If you stick with us, we answer that question for you.

Can Cereal Be Eaten With Just Water?

Can Cereal Be Eaten With Just Water?
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Well, that’s a very good question and you most definitely can have cereal with water. In fact, there might be several benefits to using water instead of the traditional milk. Milk adds calories, can be fatty and sometimes alters the taste of some cereals. Removing the milk and replacing it with water means fewer calories, no added sugars or fat and an overall healthier meal. Fruity and sweet cereals tend to go better with water because they will add flavor to it.

Does Cereal Taste Good With Water?

I know some of you are probably wondering if cereal tastes good with just water? Despite the benefits, there can be some disadvantages to using water. Because milk adds flavor in some instances however, when you replace it with water you should expect a tradeoff.

Cereals such as corn flakes and oat based blends aren’t exactly flavorful on their own, so when you replace the milk that would enhance them, they can become quite bland. Depending on the reason you removed the milk in the first place, you could add other flavor enhancers such as honey. 

Another disadvantage to using water is that it could alter the texture of your cereal. Most cereals are formulated to be used with milk. Milk is creamy and smooth, and generally thicker than water. This means it takes a longer time to be absorbed by the cereal.

When you replace the milk with water, the cereal will absorb the water quicker, become soft or even soggy. Depending on whether you like your cereal with crunch or not, then this could be a major turn off.

Best Substitute for Milk in Cereal

If you decide the tradeoffs just aren’t worth it, then you still have some options. The first is to eat your cereal as is without any liquid. Depending on the level of crunch and sweetness, this might be a great grab and go snack.

Another option is to mix in your cereal with yogurt. This is a great healthy alternative and works really well with fruit based and granola type cereals. Cereal lovers have also suggested using your cereal as a base for a smoothie. Just add some fruit, ice and a little liquid and you’re good to go. 

Wrapping it up

Now that you know the ins and outs of eating cereal with water, you’re well equipped to make a decision. Whether you do decide to choose water or not, it is definitely an option and one worth considering if you’re on a diet or just trying to start your day off on a healthier note! If you do decide to stick with milk, then that’s fine too. There are many healthy milk options out there for the health conscious.

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