How Many People Does a Bottle of Champagne Serve?

Man Pouring Champagne into GlassesWe all have that one friend that can chug a bottle of champagne in under an hour, but under more formal circumstances a bottle of champagne can serve up to a dozen people.

A standard bottle of bubbly contains approximately 750 millilitres and can serve about six 4-ounce glasses of champagne. Champagne is also sold in larger magnum-sized bottles, which are twice as large as the standard edition. Magnum sized bottles will serve approximately 12 glasses of wine, using the 4 ounce measurement.

Despite the standard servings outlined above, however, the number of people that a bottle of champagne serves will depend on how large glasses are and how many servings each person consumes.

Man pouring champagne into a glassFor a champagne toast, servings are usually smaller and inclined to be a single glass per person. Whereas, if the champagne is being consumed with a meal, glasses may be fuller and inclined to be more than just one serving per person.

While known for its connection with celebratory affairs, champagne pairs well with a several commonly consumed foods, including several types of cheeses such as Swiss and prosecco. Champagne also fares well with shellfish, oysters, duck and a variety of savoury desserts.

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