How Many Cherries in a Cup?

Cherries in a basket on a table
Quick Guide: Find Out How Many Cherries Are in a Cup

Cherries are one of those versatile fruits that most people love. They are great on their own, but are also a perfect complement to desserts and other sweet treats.

When using cherries in baking or cooking, some recipes call for a cup of this fruit. If you do not have a measuring cup or are just curious, some of you may want to know how many cherries can hold in a cup.

How Many Cherries Are in a Cup?

The number of cherries in a cup will vary based on the type of cherries and how they are prepared.

For instance, in the case of pitted cherries, one cup will usually hold 32 to 40 cherries. This is arrived at using the standard measure of one pound which equals approximately 80 cherries. Since one can get about 2 or 2 1/2 cups of pitted cherries per pound, we deduce that 1 cup will contain 32-40 cherries.

In the case of canned cherries, 1 pound will yield considerably less than with pitted cherries, giving us only about 1 1/2 cups or about 60 cherries total. Meanwhile, a pound of frozen cherries will give you about 1 1/4 cup, or 50 cherries.

Cherries in a bowl on a tableAnd in the case of dried cherries, 1 pound will yield as much as 4 cups, with each cup holding considerably more than 40 in the case of pitted cherries.

Fresh cherries are always the best option for taste and consistency in a recipe; however, frozen or canned cherries are good substitutes when the fruit is not in season. It is important to note that when using canned cherries, you must rinse off the juice or syrup before use in your dishes.

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