Does Gatorade Freeze?

Does Gatorade Freeze?

Want to know if Gatorade will freeze?

In this quick guide, we will provide a detailed answer to this popular, yet interesting question.

So, let us get right into it.

Does Gatorade Freeze?

Yes, Gatorade does freeze, however it does so at a lower temperature than water. Gatorade consists mostly of sugar and salt water, once the temperature drops to 0 °C or 32 °F, the water will freeze, but the remaining liquid that contains more salt, will take a lower temperature to freeze.

Should You Freeze Gatorade?

Freezing Gatorade is as simple as throwing it in the freezer (I do this all the time).

Even though it is common practice, is this something that should be done?

There are a couple of reasons for and against freezing Gatorade and we will examine each one below.

1. PepsiCo Does Not Recommend It

While you can freeze Gatorade, PepsiCo, the makers of the popular sports drink, recommends that you should not.

On their website, PepsiCo states that “we do not recommend freezing Gatorade. If frozen or stored below 40 degrees F., the flavor emulsion may be damaged.”

They also highlight that freezing Gatorade will not affect its performance, but there might be a change in the taste when thawed.

2. Might Explode

There is also a possibility that a Gatorade bottle could burst when frozen. (This can happen when water bottles are frozen).

The popular sports drink is mostly water and when water is frozen, it expands.

While most plastic bottles have enough elasticity to handle the expansion under frozen conditions, there is always a chance for the bottle to distort/burst or the integrity seal to break, especially if there is not enough space to allow for the expansion.

3. Freezes Slower Than Water

Gatorade freezes slower than water and you will find that leaving the bottle in the freezer for a couple of hours, will result in the sports drink having a slushy like texture as opposed to it being frozen rock solid.

Sugar and salt are two common ingredients found in Gatorade and these cause the sports drink’s freezing point to be lower than that of water.

It will eventually freeze, it will just take a lower temperature and a longer time.

4. People Love It

People absolutely love a nice cold Gatorade that’s been sitting in the freezer all day.

People on Twitter React to Frozen Gatorade

How Long Does It Take to Freeze Gatorade?

When freezing this popular drink, you really have 2 options (This will also work if you want to freeze Powerade and other sports drinks).

  • Freeze it solid
  • Freeze it to make a slushy

Let’s look at each one below.

Freezing Solid

If you want to fully freeze Gatorade, you will have to let it sit in the freezer for a couple of hours and ensure that the temperature is lower than 0 °C or 32 °F.

Please Note: To reduce the chance of the Gatorade bottle bursting, you should pour out some of the liquid, as this will give enough space to allow of the expansion of ice.

Freeze to Make a Gatorade Slushie

Gatorade slushies are really amazing and they are the perfect drink on a hot day or after an intense workout/sports activitiy.

Making a Gatorade slushie is pretty easy, as you will just place the bottle in the freezer for about 2-4 hours. During that time, it should develop a slushy like texture.

Wrapping it up

Now that we’ve reached the end of this “freezing Gatorade” article, I wanted to hear your thoughts?

Will you be throwing your sports drinks into the freezer from now on? What Gatorade flavor tastes the best after freezing?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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