21+ Hawaiian Baby Girl Names That Are Simply Beautiful & Different

List of Beautiful Hawaiian Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

Choosing a name for a baby girl can be quite challenge. There are literally thousands of names to choose from, where do you start?

If you are looking for something unique and different, then why not take a look at some Hawaiian baby girl names?

We have compiled a list of 30 of the most unique and absolutely beautiful baby girl names from Hawaii.

Grab a pen and paper and let’s go.

Why Parents May Choose a Hawaiian Girl Name?

Parents may opt to go with a Hawaiian name for baby girl because of a variety of reasons.

They could have visited the Hawaiian Islands on a vacation and fell in love with the people and the culture.

Hawaiian names are also very unique and uncommon, with very strong meanings.

If you are looking for your baby girl to stand out from the crowd, giving her a Hawaiian name is an option to consider.

There are also a bunch of Hawaiian names that are gender-neutral, perfect for a boy or girl. If you are waiting to see what the gender of the baby is at birth, some of these unisex baby names will be a perfect fit.

Meanings of Hawaiian Baby Names?

When translated, many Hawaiian names have literal meanings behind them. These names can be beautiful, elegant and even deep in meaning.

Even with the literal translation, some of the names may have hidden symbolic meanings, which is often known only by the family.

With older Hawaiians, names were seen as being owned by the name-holder. This name had the power to either help or hurt the owner.

Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

Below is a roundup of the most beautiful and popular Hawaiian girl names.

While you might have heard a few of them before, you can be sure that the names are authentic, with real meanings behind them.


Alani (Pronounced uh-LAH-nee) means “Orange Tree” in Hawaiian.

This is a cute girl’s name, especially if you consider the meaning.

The name can also be spelled like Alanee, Alanie, Alannie or Alany and is similar with Alanis or Alana.


Aloha (Pronounced ah-LOH-hah) is the Hawaiian word for “love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy”.

While it is commonly used as a simple greeting, the word has a deeper meaning to native Hawaiians, as they use the term to define the force that holds existence together.

Aloha can be used as a unisex name, but you will find that it is more common with girls.


Alohi (pronounced aa-LOWHHiy) is a Hawaiian word, meaning “shining, bright or brilliant”.

While it is close in spelling to the popular Aloha, only one letter makes a difference.

This is a beautiful baby girl name, especially based on its meaning.


Halia (pronounced “HAY-lee-a) means “memorial” or “in remembrance of a loved one”.

The name has significant meaning in Hawaiian culture and it is a name a baby girl would be honored to have.


Haukea (pronounced HOU-keh-ah) means “Snow White” on the Hawaiian Islands.

The name is really different and unique and if you are looking for a name that will stand out, then this is it.


Healani (pronounced heh-ah-LAH-nee) is Hawaiian in origin and means “Haze from heavens”.


Kai (pronounced kie) in Hawaiian means “from the sea”.

It is a popular unisex baby name that is perfect for boys and girls.


Kaia (pronounced KAH-lah). The name is the Hawaiian version of the Hebrew word, Srah, which means “princess, lady-like”.

If you are looking for a graceful and beautiful name for your baby girl, then Kaia is definitely it. The name is royal and a great match for the little princess.


Kailani (pronounced Kaa-iy-LAA-Niy) means “sea and sky” or “heavenly”

Powerful name for a little girl, that will make a huge imprint on her life.

There are variations of the name such as Kaylani.

Kalea: Beautiful Hawaiian Baby Girl Names


Kalea (pronounced kah-LEH-ah). The name means “filled with joy” in Hawaiian.

Kalea is a short, yet sweet name, perfect for that baby girl who will be “filled with joy” and brings that light with her throughout life.


Kiana (pronounced Kiy-AA-Naa) is the Hawaiin version of the Greek word ‘Diana’. The name means ‘diviine’.

Kiana is a powerful name, that is fitting for a little girl who will be taking on the world.


Lani (Pronounced LAY-nee) is the shortened version of Leilani (see below). In Hawaiian, it means “Heaven”.

It is a very unique name, as you won’t find many people with it. If you are looking for a girl’s name that has a powerful meaning and that also sounds beautiful, consider Lani as an option.


Leilani (pronounced lay-LON-nee) means “Heavenly woman”

The name is really precious, as it is the combination of the popular Hawaiian lei (“wreath”) and lani (“heaven”).

Milani: Beautiful Hawaiian Baby Girl Names


Milani (pronounced mee-lee-LAH-nee), Hawaiian in origin, means “Love from heaven”.

The meaning behind Milani is so profound and this name would be perfect for a girl, who is seen as a blessing. It is also very unique and different from many of the more common names.


Moana (Pronounced: moh-AH-nah) is Hawaiian and means “From the ocean”.

The name has seen a surge in popularity, thanks to the popular Disney movie, “Moana”.  It is a strong name, but also adorable and a perfect fit for a little girl.


Nalani, pronounced nah-LAH-ne) is Hawaiian for “the heavens”.

This is a name that is not common and its sweet pronunciation and meaning, really makes it one of the most beautiful names for a girl.


Noelani (pronounced no-ah-LAH-nee) means “mist of heaven” in Hawaii.

The name can be shortened as well to just Noe (pronounced noh-AY), which means “misty rain, mist”


Ona (pronounced OW-Naa) means “sweetness”.

This is another short and beautiful Hawaiian baby girl name. It perfectly captures what little girls are, sweet and pure.


Pua (pronounced POO-ah) means “flower” on the Hawaiian Islands.

Nature is a big part of Hawaiian culture and with the name Pua (flower), you have a short, yet sincerely beautiful name for a little girl.

It is also the shortened version of Napua.


Wailoa (pronounced WIE-oh-lah) means “Violet flower” in Hawaiian and is derived from Latin.

The name Waiola is the Hawaiian version of the Latin version, Viola, which means “violet flower”.

Flowers are associated with beauty and if you want your daughter to be imprinted with an equally beautiful name, Waiola is a good option to consider.

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