Is Hawaiian Punch Juice or Soda?

A bottle of Hawaiian Punch

If you landed on this page, you probably need some help trying to figure out if Hawaiian Punch is a soda or juice?

This is actually a pretty common question that pops up in conversations all the time, especially for those who never had this popular drink before.

Well, in this article, you will learn everything there is to know about Hawaiian Punch…including if we can classify it as juice or soda.

What is Hawaiian Punch?

Hawaiian Punch is a fruit flavored beverage that has been popular for the past 80 years.

The drink is made with natural fruit juices and comes in a variety of fruit flavors, with each flavor having its own unique taste.

The most popular flavors include the original Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red, along with Polar Blast, Lemon Berry Squeeze, Orange Ocean and Green Berry Rush.

The drink’s original formula included real fruit juice, which is why it had that fresh, fruity taste, that made it a crowd favorite for years.

As the decades went on however, Hawaiian Punch changed its formula and you will find it only includes 3% juice, along with more sweeteners and artificial flavors in order to keep up with modern demands for sweeter beverages.

Is Hawaiian Punch Juice or Soda?

Hawaiian Punch is considered a juice and not a soda.

Sodas are carbonated, while Hawaiian Punch as 0 carbonation in it.

Some people might be confused, as the drink is often available in cans. Neither any of the Hawaiian Punch drinks, whether in a can or bottle are carbonated, so there is no chance of it being a soda.

As a note: The ingredients used to produce it include high fructose corn syrup and other sugars that are typically found in sodas.

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