How to Order Water On the Starbucks App? (Also In-Store)

You can order just about any drink you can think of on the Starbucks app, so a cup of iced water should be no problem right?

If you’re trying to figure out exactly how to order water on the Starbucks app, then you need to keep on reading.

In this short article, we’ll highlight if ordering water on the app is possible, as well as some alternatives you may want to consider.

Now, let’s get started!

Can You Order a Cup of Water on the Starbucks App?

This is actually a pretty common question and the answer is unfortunately, no. You cannot order a cup of water through the Starbucks app. There are no specific drink options for water, and you cannot add water to your order in the same way that you would add a coffee or drink. (This is also the same if you wanted to order a cup of hot water from Starbucks).

You can order bottled water through the app, but a cup of ice water is currently not an option. You will have to do it the old-fashioned way and go into the store and order it from the barista.

While it may be disappointing that you can’t order water directly on the app, there is a little hack that you can use to get around this.

Change Your Name on the Starbucks App

Reddit is a great place to find all sorts of helpful hacks, and there was a recent thread that highlighted a handy tip for ordering water using the Starbucks App.

All you have to do is change your name to include a phrase with the free water and the cup size. The example they used was changing your name to something like “YOURNAME plus Venti water.”  or “YOURNAME//VentiH2O”.

While this can work, especially if you are a regular, another user warned that “High volume stores don’t have time to read mop names and then customers get angry.”

Since ordering a cup of water through the Starbucks app is not possible, it doesn’t hurt to try out this little hack. But, be warned that it may not work all the time.

The Best Way to Order Water From Starbucks (In-Store)

Ordering a cup of water is not possible on the Starbucks app, so the best way to do it is by simply asking the barista for a cup of water when you’re in the store. The policy for giving out water cups may vary from store to store, but typically, you shouldn’t have any problem getting a cup of iced water from Starbucks for free.

If you feel a bit weird asking for free water at Starbucks, especially if you haven’t ordered anything else, there’s a little hack you can try.

When you’re at the counter ready to order, just be playful and have some fun. The video below perfectly captures what we mean.

A fun order can not only lighten the mood but can also make the barista’s or a random customer’s day. Give it a try next time you’re at the store!

Final Thoughts

While it is not possible to order a cup of iced water through the Starbucks app, your best bet is to simply ask the barista for one when you’re in the store.

You could always try the hack of changing your name to include a water request, but there’s no guarantee that it will work all the time.

It might be an inconvenience or a bit embarrassing to ask for a cup of water, but at the end of the day, it’s not a big deal.

Hopefully, this article has helped clear some things up for you. Thanks for reading!

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