How Much Does Pizza Hut Charge For Delivery?

How Much Does Pizza Hut Charge For Delivery?
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There is nothing more satisfying than a hot delicious pizza delivered right to your front door. It’s even better when the delivery comes in minutes rather than hours. Whether you’re a fan of pepperoni, cheese or chicken pizzas, nothing beats a pizza that you didn’t have to buy in store.

For many people, Pizza Hut is the best when it comes to pizzas and delivery. With a myriad of other menu options such as wings, breadsticks and cookies, it is the go to place for delivery on a lazy day. But, will you have to pay extra for delivery?

 That’s a great question and the answer could be a deal breaker for some people. Let’s explore the issue below.

How Much Is Pizza Hut’s Delivery Fee?

How Much Is Pizza Hut’s Delivery Fee?

So unfortunately there is no straight forward answer to the question. Whether or not you pay a delivery fee will depend on the country that you live in. 

Pizza Hut Delivery in the United States

In many parts of the United States for instance, there is a charge for your pizza delivery. The charge is not generally exorbitant, and is usually a standard fee regardless of what you order.

Pizza delivery in the US generally costs around $5. It is also expected that you tip the delivery person. The tip is dependent on the overall cost of what you ordered. A tip of 15 to 20% is ideal in most instances.

In the US, Pizza Hut has what is called a time guarantee to ensure that pizzas are delivered in a timely manner and not cold. The time guarantee for general orders is 40 minutes, once weather and other conditions are ideal. If your pizza does not arrive within the stipulated time, then Pizza Hut guarantees that your order will be free.

Pizza Hut Delivery in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, however, you can get your pizza hut order delivered for free once you spend the minimum amount required. While the delivery is free, it’s expected that you tip your delivery guy. In fact, many of them make below or just around minimum wage, so tips form a major part of their wages. 

It is important to note that you can also order pizza hut through other food delivery services. Pizza Hut generally sticks to a 15 mile radius around its restaurants, so if you fall outside of that zone, the in house delivery service will not come to you.

This is where general food service delivery comes in. In the US, you can order through Uber Eats, DoorDash or PostMates. In the UK, you have Deliveroo and Just Eat. These are all paid services which calculate their fees based on how close you are to the restaurant location.

Wrapping it up

So to sum up, if you are in the US then you can expect to pay about $5 to have your pizza delivered. Elsewhere in the world, you might be lucky to benefit from free delivery if your order meets certain criteria.

If you are not sure of the protocols in your country, simply log on to the pizza hut site for your country and get the deets!

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