Can You Reheat Creme Brulee? (Everything You Need to Know)

Want to know how to reheat crème brulee?

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Can You Reheat Crème Brulee?

Can You Reheat Creme Brulee? Everything You Need to Know

You generally do not heat or reheat crème brulee, as it is a dessert that is served cold. Aside from when the crème brulee was originally baked, the only time it is heated is right before serving. A thin layer of sugar is placed on the top of the dessert and caramelized with a kitchen torch, resulting in a nice warm crispy top layer and a cold bottom.

Is Crème Brulee Served Hot or Cold?

Crème brulee is a pudding like, creamy, baked custard that has a caramelized top layer of melted sugar.

The dessert is traditionally chilled before serving.

The name crème brulee literally means “burnt cream” and this is due to the addition of a thin layer of sugar on the top of the dessert. The sugar burnt/caramelized with a handheld kitchen torch or under a broiler.

The dessert should be brûléed (torched) once removed from the refrigerator and right before serving. When using the torch to caramelize the sugar, it should be done quickly and evenly.

This will result in a nice warm top layer of caramelized sugar and cold creamy bottom. It should be served immediately.

The caramelized sugar should not be put on the cold custard ahead of time. Once it goes in the refrigerator, it will eventually turn into a wet syrup and significantly impacts the taste and texture of the dessert.

How Long Does Brulee Stay Crunchy?

The caramelized sugar topping will stay crunchy for about an hour or two. It can be made ahead of dinner and served when finished. If you truly want to experience crème brulee how it was meant to be eaten (contrast of a cold custard with a hot sweet top layer), then prepare the dessert immediately and serve.

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