How to Ripen Kiwi Quickly: These 4 Methods are as Easy as They Come

Guide to Ripening a Kiwi Quickly Kiwis are an amazing fruit. They are pretty delicious and I often call them nature’s sour candy. Aside from being yummy, they are a good source of  nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, potassium and folate.

Maybe if you have been in the position where you bought some unripe kiwis and have these not-so delicious, hard fruits sitting around. Are you stuck with them or is it possible to ripen a kiwi?

This short guide will give you some quick tricks you can take to ripen your kiwi quickly.

Sliced Kiwi on a Table What Causes Kiwi to Ripen?

Like most fruits, kiwi’s produce a gaseous compound called ethylene that is responsible for the start of the ripening process.

When you get an under-ripe kiwi, the level of ethylene is low, but as the fruit matures, more ethylene is produced and this speeds up the ripening process.

So with that knowledge, we can quickly ripen and under-ripe kiwi with a couple methods that we will highlight below.

1. Use a Paper Bag to Quickly Ripen Kiwi

You have probably heard of people throwing fruits like apples or bananas in a paper to allow them to ripen quickly. Well, it works, as the level of ethylene increases in the closed bag, which cause the fruit to ripen quickly.

If you are looking to get your Kiwi to ripen quickly, you can put it in a paper bag and close it. If you have a banana (major ethylene producer) or an apple, you place it in the bag with the kiwi and it will speed up the ripening process.

2. Rice

I know this sounds weird, but you can actually ripen kiwis if you cover them with rice. It acts the same as the paper bag, as the ethylene (the ripening chemical), is unable to escape quickly and will help the kiwi to ripen.

Slices of Kiwi 3. Place the Kiwi Somewhere Warm

If you want to start the ripening process of the kiwi, it is a good idea to keep them somewhere warm.

Have you ever locked a hand of bananas in your car on a hot day and came back and they were super ripe? Well, the same applies to kiwis.

Keep your unripe kiwis somewhere warm and they should ripen in a couple of days.

Please Note: Do not place the kiwis directly in sunlight as it could cause them to rot.

4. Microwave

I know some of you might be wondering, “the microwave?” But, as we explained above, heat is a good way to speed up the ripening process of the kiwi.

You won’t have a ripe kiwi after zapping it for a couple seconds, but it can help speed up the process.

If you plan on using the microwave, all you have to do is put the kiwi in a microwave safe container and zap it at medium power for around 15 seconds.

Once warmed up, you can place it in the paper bag, rice or somewhere warm, where it will finish ripening.

Wrapping It Up

If you have a bunch of unripe kiwis, you do not have to worry about throwing them away. You can ripen the fruit quickly and the process is quite easy.

Using the methods above, you can have a ripe kiwi in a couple of days.


Can You Ripen a Cut Kiwi?

Yes, you can. Take the cut kiwi and place it in a paper bag and close it. If you want to speed up the process, put a banana or an apple in the bag with the cut kiwi.

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