Should You Wash Bananas Before Eating Them?

I know it is a weird question, should you wash bananas? I mean, who really washes them right?

Well, you should and we are going to explain the reason why you start doing it today.

Should You Wash Bananas?Why You Should Wash Your Bananas?

It makes sense that we wash peaches, apples and tons of other fruits and vegetables, but bananas!

The main reason why you should start washing your bananas before you start eating them is quite simple, it is for food safety. As weird and out-there it sounds, it kinda makes sense.

According to Food and Nutrition, the reason why you should wash fruit is that dirt and bacteria can be transferred from the outside of the fruit to the inside. You wash fruit for this reason, bananas should be no differet.

So you might say, but for the most part, people cut the banana after it is peeled. Well, that same dirt and bacteria could be transferred in the peeling process to the fruit.

While it seems highly unlikely, it is best to be safe and sorry. It only takes a couple seconds to wash the banana.

How to Wash a Banana?

Washing a banana is quite simple and should be done before eaten.


  1. Take banana and run it under cold tap water, giving it a gentle scrub.
  2. Once finished, dry off with a clean kitchen or paper towel.
  3. Once dried, peel and enjoy.

Wrapping it up

While the thought of washing a banana might seem a bit on the extreme side, there is a possibility that dirt and bacteria that causes food-borne illnesses could be transferred as you peel or cut the fruit.

Washing fruit is a food safety tip that is necessary, especially for people in the vulnerable population (babies, pregnant women, elderly and people with pre-existing conditions).

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