15 Cute Super Mario Birthday Cake Ideas

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Everyone loves Super Mario. If you owned a Nintendo or your kids are fans of video games, then it is a must you have ran across this character at some point in your life.

If you ended up here, you are more than likely looking for ideas or to be inspired for a themed birthday or cake.

This is why we took the time and created a round up post of the 15 Amazing Super Mario cake ideas and designs, that would be a perfect fit for any themed party.

So, take a couple minutes to go through this list of absolutely beautiful Mario birthday cakes.

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If you want to make a big impression on the birthday, then a giant Mario face cake is a good way to bring the smiles out.

This type of cake stands out and as the birthday cake is the highlight of any party, this design is guaranteed to bring out the “oohs” and “aahs”.

Source: Instagram – @deliciousbysara

Super Mario World is bright, full of colors and unique characters. If you are looking for birthday cake ideas, you can always be inspired by what @deliciousbysara has done. She dug deep into her imagination and delivered a birthday cake that captures the essence of Mario World, but is also visually stunning.

Source: Instagram – @askato

Looking at the Super Mario birthday cake above by @askato really brings back a lot of happy memories :). This cake captures what the world of Mario is all about. The bright colors, the stars, piranha plants and so much more.

If you are looking for inspiration or cake ideas, then this is definitely one birthday cake that hits the home run.

Source: Instagram – @cupcakesmunich

@cupcakesmunich comes with a cute and simple birthday cake fit for the Mario lover. All the elements are there from your favorite Italian plumber in a pipe, to the annoying, yet fabulous Goombas. If you want an effective, yet relatively simple cake, then the one above is one to try out.

Source: Instagram – @sweetwheatbakeshop

One of things people always love about Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. games are the surprise boxes. You never know what you will get. It could be coins, mushrooms or whatever else they are holding these days.

A fan of the video game series would instantly love a surprise box birthday cake, especially if it is littered with other characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and the Mushrooms.

This is another cute cake idea to try out, if you are looking for something a bit different.

Source: Instagram – @thecakehall

If there person who wants a Super Mario Bros birthday cake that is simple, yet stylish, then the above by The Cake Hall is the right option for those with discerning tastes.

Simple cake, highlighted with the colors of Mario, along with topper of the video game hero. A beauty to look at and gets the job done visually.

Source: Instagram – @brunascardoelli

If you want to make a huge statement, then a stacked Mario birthday cake is the way to go.

You will be able to recreate the world of Mario, along with all the creatures and landscapes that make it such a unique place.

A cake like the one above, with all the elements is one that will be greatly appreciated.

Source: Instagram – @phillippecakes

While Mario is so well known, what people also love are all the things that make his world come alive. When conceptualizing the cake, throw in things people love from bricks, stars, rolling hills, pipes and much more.

Everyone will be able to relate and love the design, as it gives the cake that Nintendo authenticity that we love.

Source: Instagram – @rebeccas_cakes

I love stacked cakes, because you have so much real estate to work with. With smaller cakes, you are limited with your designs.

If you want a Super Mario birthday themed cake that will stand out, aim to go with one with multiple layers. You won’t regret it, as everyone will be impressed when you bring it out.

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